When you place an order, you provide a provisioning contact email address for either a customer or a partner. We then send an email to this email address with instructions to launch the new wizard and start provisioning Cisco Webex Teams.

In the wizard, you enter the company name and an administrator email address. The wizard matches this information with existing organizations according to these criteria:

  • If the administrator email address entered in the wizard matches the administrator of an organization already in the system, then the new subscription is mapped to the existing organization. Then, this organization displays in the provisioning wizard.

  • If the administrator email address doesn’t match any users in an existing organization, the wizard looks for a match with organizations using the following criteria:

    1. The wizard matches the first 5 characters of the company name you entered.

    2. The wizard searches for users with the same email domain as the administrator email from the list of organizations that matched the first 5 characters of the company name.

    3. You get a list of existing organizations to choose from. For example, the list of matches could be organizations created if a customer or partner created a trial online, purchased Cisco Webex services online, or they previously purchased Cisco Webex services through a partner.

Matched Organizations

You can use the information for each existing organization to help you understand what type of organization exists and what the current usage is in the organization.

Figure 1. Example of Matched Customer Organizations
Figure 2. Example of Matched Partner Organizations

Use the information to understand the purpose of an existing organization and if this new subscription should be mapped to an existing organization. For example, the Account Created (Date) helps to determine when the organization was created. If there are no active subscriptions on the organization and the organization was created a long time ago, then the customer may not use this organization anymore and may have been abandoned.

The Number of users in organization is a good indicator if an organization is active. The larger the number, the more chance that the organization is being used.

The two most relevant indicators that an organization is actively in use are the Number of active subscriptions and the Number of users in the organization. If both of these indicate active users, you can contact the Full Admin for the organization to confirm if the subscription should be mapped to this existing organization.

New Administrator for an Existing Organization

For security reasons, the wizard doesn’t automatically add a new administrator to an existing organization. The existing administrator controls adding additional admins. If the new administrator is not in the existing organization, here are some things to consider:

  • Partner provisioning a new subscription for your customer—You can continue with the provisioning process. However, you must reach out to the existing administrator to add the new user.

  • Customer provisioning your new subscription—You can't continue the provisioning and you must reach out to the existing administrator to add you as an administrator to the organization before you can start the provisioning process again.

  • Partner provisioning the subscription for their own use—You must reach out to the current administrator to add the new administrator.