Customer Context Gadget: Search for a Customer

You can search for a customer by using information from the customer information form. For example, you can search using the customer's first or last name, phone number, or address.

Search Features

The Customer Context gadget supports searches using:

  • Exact string match

  • Multiple strings

  • Strings wrapped in double quotes

  • Case insensitive searches

Search looks for the specified string in all searchable fields. For example, if you search for the string John, search returns all occurrences of the string in the name, address, and other searchable fields.

Partial searches and unmatched searches do not show any results. For example:

  • A search for pete does not show results for Peter Paul.

  • A search for bill m does not show results for Bill Peters.


This example shows how to search for a customer using the string, bill.

  1. Click the search icon in the customer management pane and enter bill in the search box.

    The open, recent, and search icons in the customer management pane..

    If the customer management pane is not visible, click the icon to access search.

  2. Press Enter.

    The search results include fields that contain the search term, bill in any searchable field:

    • Customer first name—Bill Peters.

    • Customer last name—Randy Bill.

    • City in customer address—Bill, WY.

    • Part of email associated with the customer—

    Hover over the search results to view customer details.

  3. Select a customer from the search results to move the customer to the open list and:


The Customer Context gadget searches using an exact string match. For example, a search for bill m does not return any results for bill peters.

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