Meeting Center: Using the Polling Feature (WBS29.13, WBS29.30)

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The Polling feature allows the host or presenter to conduct a survey or questionnaire with attendees during a WebEx meeting. You can create, edit, and save a poll using the Polling panel within a WebEx session.


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The Polling Panel


To open the Polling panel during a meeting:

From the icon tray or Panels menu, click Polling.



Polling panel sections:


Polling Panel with callouts.png


The Polling panel toolbar:


IconLabelUse this tool to...
Open Poll icon.pngOpenOpen a poll you previously saved on your computer.
Save Poll Icon.pngSaveSave the current poll questions, with or without the responses, to your computer.
Edit Poll icon.pngEditEdit the questions or answers currently selected in the Poll Questions section.
Delete Poll question icon.pngDeleteDelete the question or answer currently in the Poll Questions section.
Move poll question up or down icon.pngMove up/downMove the question or answers currently selected in the Poll Questions section.



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Creating a Poll

    1. Open the Polling panel.

    2. Under Question select a Type.

        For Multiple Choice, make a selection from the drop-down:

    • Single Answer: displays as radio buttons and allows only one selections.
    • Multiple Answers: displays as check boxes and allows multiple selections.

    3. Click New and type a question in the Poll Questions text box that appears.

         Create Poll Questioins.png       

     4. Press Enter or click Add. A blank answer text box appears below the question.  

     5. Use the table below to determine your next step based on the poll question type.


Multiple choice

  1. Type an answer to the question.

  2. Press Enter or click Add. Another blank answer text box appears below the current answer.

  3. Repeat until all answers for this question are entered.

Short answer  1. Do one of the following:
    • Leave the text box empty; or
    • Type the expected response in the text box; it will display only in the presenter’s Polling panel.
2.Press Enter. The answer text box shrinks in size and turns blue to indicate it’s been saved.


    6. Repeat steps 2-5 until all questions and answers are entered.

    7. Optional steps. You may:

    • Select Record individual responses to view and/or share each participant’s responses in the poll results.
    • Click Options to modify or disable the default 5-minute time limit set for the poll.

    8. Click the Save icon on the polling toolbar to save the poll for use in a future WebEx meeting. The Save Poll Questions As window opens. 

    9. Type a name for the file in the File Name box and click Save.


          Alternatively, follow the steps outlined below to administer the poll in the current session.


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Administering a Poll

The poll you will deliver must be open in your Polling panel.


To access a poll saved on your computer:

  1. On the polling toolbar, click the Open icon. The Open Poll Questions window opens.
  2. Navigate to the proper folder and select the poll file (.atp extension).
  3. Click Open. The poll opens in your Polling panel.


To conduct the poll with your attendees:

At the bottom of the Polling panel, click Open Poll.

The poll opens in the attendee Polling panel and is available for input. Your Polling panel sections change to display the Poll in progress information and Polling status. Attendees’ responses are added to the Results column as they are submitted. The time limit and time remaining, if set, are displayed.

Polling progress.png

To monitor attendees’ progress:

In the polling status section click the three dots. The Attendee Status Details window opens.


As participants respond to the poll, their names and status display in the appropriate sections.

Attendee Polling Status window.png


To close the poll:

Click Close Poll or allow a timed poll to close automatically when the time expires. Any attendees who have begun the poll, but not submitted it, will see a dialog box asking if they want to submit their answers.

Click Close Poll or allow a timed poll to close automatically when the time expires. Any attendees who have begun the poll, but not submitted it, will see a dialog box asking if they want to submit their answers.

More poll results.png

If this happens, you will see a message Waiting for Participants to Submit Responses and a timer counting down 20 sec. After the time expires, the status window closes automatically. The Poll results and sharing options are displayed in your Polling panel.



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Sharing Poll Results

After administering your poll to attendees, you may choose to share the results with them.


To share poll results:

    1. In the Share with section, select one or more options.


Select this share
Poll results...the Results statistics and Bar Graph for each question in the attendee’s Polling panel.

Individual Results

*Available if you select Record individual responses when creating the poll

...individual attendees’ answers to each question. The results are automatically displayed in a new Polling Results window via Web Browser Sharing.


    2. Click Apply. The poll results are displayed for attendees.

Poll Results.png


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