Training Center: Polling Tips

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Polls are a valuable Training Center tool. They help you gather information about your attendees before a session, check their involvement and progress during a session, and provide a way to solicit feedback at the end of a session. They can be used in conjunction with Training Center tests, which can be used to assess both the effectiveness of a training session and the knowledge of individual attendees.


You can re‐use polls from session to session, or you can create new ones each time. Polls can contain single-, multiple‐, and short‐answer questions, and you can save the results for future reference.


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Use Polls


Learn about attendees

  • Assess attendees' skill and experience level.
  • Initiate an icebreaker to help attendees feel comfortable.
  • Elicit ideas about what attendees need to know.


Interact with attendees

  • Pose questions about specific content in a session.
  • Check that attendees are engaged in the session.
  • Share information gathered from polls.


Ask attendees for input

  • Check attendees’ understanding of concepts and ideas.
  • Gather information about ideas and content for future training.
  • Conduct a satisfaction survey at the end of a training session.


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Create Polls in Advance

Creating polls in advance will give you an opportunity to test and fine-tune them before you use them in your training session. If you download the WebEx Poll Questionnaire Editor, you can create and edit polls any time.


Downloading the poll questionnaire editor

1. Log in to your WebEx Training Center site.

2. In the left navigation panel, click Support, then click Downloads.


3. Locate WebEx Poll Questionnaire Editor, then click Download now. Your browser's file download message appears.

4. In the Open File dialog, click Run, then follow the prompts in the Installation Wizard.

5. When installation is complete, click Finish.


Using the poll questionnaire editor

To launch the poll editor, select Start > All Programs > WebEx > WebEx Poll Questionnaire Editor. The WebEx Poll Questionnaire Editor opens.




  • To create a new poll, select a question type, choose from the drop-down menu, then click New.

Use Short Answer questions when you want attendees to expand on an idea or concept

Use the Record individual responses option when you want to know how each attendee answers the question.

For more information about question types, poll editor features, and administering polls, see Training Center: Using the Polling Feature (WBS29.13, WBS30).

  • To edit an existing poll click the Open icon, locate the poll you want to edit, then click Open.
  • To save your changes to a poll, click the Save icon.
  • To close the Poll Questionnaire Editor, click X in the upper right corner.


Note: Polls created with the poll editor can be used in Meeting Center and Event Center as well as Training Center.


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