In-Room Controls and Use of an External Video Switch with Room Devices

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You can customize the room device’s touch interface to allow control of peripherals in a meeting room, for example the lights and blinds. You can also extend the user interface to include video sources that are connected through an external video switch. Both features require integration with a third party control system, such as AMX or Crestron.


In order to set up these features, there must be either a local RoomControl user or a local Integrator user on the room device. This is required for the communication between the room device and the external control system. To learn more about user roles, check the local user administration article.


You can download, or launch, the In-Room Control editor from the web interface’s In-Room Control page. There are also additional development tools available from the web page.


The In-Room Control guide for the on-premise registered the room you can read how to:


    Design an in-room control panel using the In-Room Control editor.



    Use the room device’s API to program the in-room controls.



    Extend the user interface to include video sources that are connected through an external video switch.



You can find the in-room control guide here. Choose the latest version.


1    Go to, and sign in to the management portal.
2    Navigate to the Devices page, and select your device in the list.
3    Scroll down the device details pane, and click Launch Advanced Settings. This opens the room device’s local web interface. Or sign in to http(s)://<endpoint ip or hostname> as an Integrator or RoomControl user.
4    Open the In-Room Control tab to open the Configuration page.
5    Click Launch Editor if you want to use the editor while connected to the room device; or Download Editor if you want a copy of the editor that you can use offline.