Move a Hybrid Service Node in to Maintenance Mode

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You may need to take down parts of your on-premises environment for scheduled maintenance. To minimize service interruptions, you can navigate to a specific hybrid service resource and set nodes to maintenance mode. The mode applies to all hybrid service connectors that are hosted on the node.

This feature prevents alarm email notifications during the maintenance activity. During maintenance mode for nodes that host Expressway-based hybrid services, users are automatically reassigned to other nodes.

1    From the customer view in, go to Services, and then click All Resources from the on-premises resources card.  

All of your registered on-premises resources appear as cards that contain information and settings that you can manage. You can also click Add Resource to add a new one.

2    (Optional) Filter the resources that display on this page or search for a specific resource name.
3    From a resource card, click Settings, and then click Nodes.
4    For the node you want to do maintenance on, go to Actions, and then choose Enable Maintenance Mode.
5    After you've read and understood the prompt, click Enable.
The node goes in to a pending maintenance state. For a multi-node high availability deployment, this state makes sure that the node can be temporarily shut down in a safe manner with little or no service interruption.
  • Hybrid media nodes go in to maintenance mode after the active calls on the node are finished. The nodes can remain in the pending maintenance state for up to 2 hours while they wait for calls to complete. While maintenance mode is pending, the node does not accept any new calls.


  • Expressway nodes go in to maintenance mode within 30 seconds and users may briefly lose that service until they are migrated to another node.



You can check the node status page for updates. Once the host indicates to the cloud that it's in maintenance mode, the management connector suppresses alarm notifications and users are reassigned before the node is temporarily shut down.

6    After you confirm that the node moved to the maintenance mode state, you can perform maintenance activity on the node.

Later, you can return to the actions menu to disable maintenance mode when you're ready.