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Designate a Panelist


During an event, you can designate any attendee as a panelist. You can also change panelists at any time.

1    On the Participants panel, select View all attendees.   

The Attendee List appears.

2    Select the name of the attendee whom you want to designate as a panelist, and then select Make Panelist.   

The attendee’s name appears in the panelists list.


Panelist Roles and Privileges


The host can designate any attendee as a panelist during an event. A panelist is a participant who is primarily responsible for assisting the presenter and participating in presentation. Any number of attendees can be panelists.


A panelist can do the following during an event:


    Participate in discussions to which other attendees listen



    Serve as a subject matter expert in a Q & A session



    View and answer questions by attendees in a Q & A session



    Respond to public and private chat messages



    Participate in a practice session



    Annotate shared documents



    Annotate shared applications, web browsers, and desktops, if the presenter grants annotation control to the panelist



    Become a polling coordinator to manage polls



    View feedback



    Record an event



    Save chat messages to a file



    Download files that the presenter publishes



Allow Panelists to Upload Documents


When scheduling an event, you can specify that panelists can provide you with documents or presentations by uploading them from the Panelist Entrance page. The files uploaded by panelists appear on your Event Information page and your personal folders on your Event Center website. You can then download or organize the files before you start the event.

1    To allow panelists to upload documents, do the following:   

On the Schedule an Event or Edit Event page, go to Presenters & Panelists.


Check Allow panelists to upload documents associated with the event.

2    To view, download, or organize the files uploaded by panelists before an event, select My WebEx > My Files > Folders.