Manage Your Invitation List for Your Cisco WebEx Event

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Create an Invitation List and Invite Participants to Your Event


You can add contacts to your Cisco WebEx Event one at a time or you can add multiple contacts all at once by using a distribution list.

1    Sign in to your WebEx site, and go to Event Center > Schedule an Event.
2    Click Create invitation list under the Attendees & Registration or Presenters & Panelists section.
3    Enter a name and email address, click Add to Invitation List, check the attendee, and click invite.  

To import contacts from a distribution list, click Import Contacts in the Create Panelist Invitation List window. When you import a file, use a delimited format that separates entries by either commas or tabs.

4    Click Schedule This Event at the bottom of the Schedule an Event page when you are done creating your invitation list.
5    Check the boxes of the desired recipients, and select Send Now > OK > Continue or select Send Later.

Edit an Invitation List


You can edit invitation lists after an event has been scheduled to fix errors, send new invites, or to resend invites. When you edit an event, you can adjust your invitation list for both attendees and panelists.

1    Sign in to your WebEx site, go to My WebEx > My Meetings and select the event that you want to edit.
2    On the Event Information page, scroll to the bottom and click Edit Event.
3    Click Edit invitation list in the Attendees & Registration or Presenters & Panelists section.
4    Check the attendees, click Select All, and click Add to Invitation List.
5    Click Update This Event.

Create a Distribution List

1    Sign in to your WebEx site and go to My WebEx > My Contacts.
2    Click Add Distribution List.
3    Enter the desired name for your distribution list and, if you want to, a description.
4    Search for contacts or add new ones.
  • Search for a contact in the Search box.
  • Search for a contact by selecting the first letter of the contact's first name.
  • Select All to see all the contacts in your Personal contacts list.
  • Add a new contact by selecting Add Contact.
5    In the box on the left, select the contacts you want and select Add.
6    After you are done adding contacts, select Add to create the list.