You need to enable the web engine in order to open web apps from your Webex Board or Desk Pro. See this article for more information.

Read Best Practices For Using the Web Engine to learn more about the supported features and limitations of the web engine. If you encounter an issue with a web page, check the Troubleshooting section.


You can access the WebApp Extension Editor from the web portal of the device. Read the Advanced Configurations article for more information on how to access it. When the web portal of the device is opened, navigate to the Integration tab and select UI Extensions Editor.


Click New and Add under WebApp.


Enter the name and the URL of the Web app. The name will appear under the web app icon on the home screen. The device will attempt to get an icon from the WebApp URL, but will use a default icon if the quality is not good enough. Optionally, you can add a custom icon in the web app icon URL field.


Export your configuration by clicking on the top bar.

The icon of the web app is now visible on the home screen of your board. The app opens in full screen and times out after 15 minutes when not in use.