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Which Webex Services Support Closed Captioning?

Which Webex services support Closed Captioning?

What options are available for attendees who are hearing impaired?

What options are available for participants who are deaf?

Does Webex Events have closed captioning capabilities?


Webex offers the following services to accommodate attendees who are hearing impaired:

  • Webex Meetings offers a closed captioning window in which a transcriptionist can type what is spoken by a presenter during a Webex meeting.
  • Webex Meetings, Webex Events, Webex Training, and Webex Support offer a media viewer window which can accommodate the following:
    • An American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter can sign what is spoken by a presenter.
    • A third party service that offers streaming text live from a URL.
      • Note: Both of these options are a cost-based service provided by a third party.

Contact your Webex Client Success Manager (CSM) for additional details about these services, see: WBX15 - How Do I Contact My Customer Success Manager (CSM)?.

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