Enable Context Service for Your Organization

Context Service enables you to store and access customer interaction data in the cloud, creating a flexible and seamless omnichannel customer journey experience. To use Context Service:

  • Work with your Cisco account partner to enable Context Service for your organization.

  • Register Context Service for your organization to use with your contact center application.

  • Connect your contact center application to Context Service.


You need Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version to 1.8.0_151 or later to use Context Service.

Create a Customer Organization and Enable Context Service

Your Cisco account partner can provide Context Service entitlement to your Cisco Webex Control Hub account.

For more information about this service, see Context Service Overview.

This example shows how a partner adds a Context Service subscription to a customer organization. The example assumes that:

  • The partner is a full administrator or sales administrator and can add trials.

  • The Cisco Webex Control Hub account or the organization and accounts associated with the organization have been created.

Example: Add a Trial Service

Context Service is not tied to the trial services, and does not expire when the trial period is complete.

  1. Log in with your partner credentials to the Cisco Webex Control Hub.

  2. Click Start Trial on the Overview page. The Start New Trial window opens.

  3. Enter details about the trial:

    • Customer Information: Enter the name of the customer company and an email for the administrator.

    • Trial Services: Select the trials to add to this customer. To enable Context, select Message.

    • Licenses Quantity: Specify the number of licenses required for this customer trial. This number is usually the number of users who use this service. This option applies only to the Trial Services. Context Service is not bound by the number of licenses specified here.

    • Trial duration Specify the duration the trial lasts before you must purchase the service. This option applies only to the Trial Services and not Context Service.


      Context Service entitlement does not expire when the specified trial period ends. The organization can continue to use Context Service beyond the date of the specified Trial Duration.


    You cannot change the customer name and administrator email after you create the trial. You can modify the other terms of the trial as needed.

    Make sure that the email you provide is not already associated with a Cisco Webex Control Hub account.

  4. Scroll down to the Non Trial Services section and select Enable Context Service for Cisco Unified Contact Center.

  5. Click Next.

  6. A message is displayed that asks if you want to set up the services for the customer. Click No.

You now have provided Context Service entitlement to the organization. The customer now receives a welcome email at the specified email address with the subject line Welcome to Cisco Spark Service.

The customer must click Get Started in the email and sign in to Cisco Webex Control Hub to begin their trial. The customer uses the credentials in the email to sign in and is prompted to create a password.

Your Cisco Context Service is ready. To use the service, connect to Cisco Contact Center with Context Service Enabled. See Register Context Service for more information.

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