End-of-Life Announcement for Care Assistant

For details, see the article End-of-Life Announcement for Care Assistant.

Use Care Assistant to connect Cisco Webex Teams users with questions to experts who can help them. Care Assistant is available to all Cisco Webex Teams users.

When a user messages the bot about a topic it knows, the bot shares the question in the relevant expert space. Experts select user questions from a queue, then either send an answer through the bot or help the user directly.

Experts can answer through the bot with:

  • @botname answer response

Where botname is the name of the bot and response is the answer that is sent to the user.

For example, @shippingbot answer, Your motorcycle parts have already shipped.

Experts can also help users directly with:

  • @botname I can

  • @botname Yes

When an expert offers to help directly, the Care Assistant bot creates a new space for the expert to help the user in.

If a user question does not contain any known topics, the bot sends the user the list of topics it can escalate to an expert space.

For the full list of commands that you can use to interact with Care Assistant, see Care Assistant Commands.

Create New Care Assistant Bot

  1. On the Care Assistant Bot Management page, click New.

    The Create New Care Assistant Bot wizard opens.

  2. Enter a Bot Display Name. Cisco Webex Teams see this name when they interact with the bot.

  3. Enter a Bot Email. You add the bot to the Cisco Webex Teams space using this email.

    • The email ID must be unique.

    • The email address must be @webex.bot.

    • You cannot change the email ID once you create the bot.

  4. Integrate your bot with Dialogflow:

    1. Turn the Enable Integration option on to use Dialogflow intents with your bot. For more information, see Care Assistant Integrations.

    2. Retrieve the client access token from Dialogflow and enter it into the Dialogflow Integration Details field. For more information, see Care Assistant Integrations.

  5. Click Create.

Add the Bot to Cisco Webex Teams

  1. Assign the Care Assistant bot to an expert space in Cisco Webex Teams. You can either assign the bot to an existing space, or create a new space. Expert spaces contain subject matter experts who use Care Assistant to help users. A space must contain at least two experts and a care assistant bot to be considered an expert space. You can add a Care Assistant bot to multiple expert spaces.

  2. Set the expert space name to reflect an appropriate topic of expertise. Care Assistant uses the expert space name to connect users to the correct expert space. User questions are broken down into individual words and then scored against the topics (space names) the bot is assigned to.

    For example, assign your Care Assistant bot to an expert room named "Shipping" to help users with questions about "shipping."

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