Room Devices That Support This Feature

  • Codec Plus (including Room Kit Plus and Room Kit Plus Precision 60)

  • Codec Pro (including Room Kit Pro and Room Kit Pro Precision 60)

  • Room 55

  • Room 55 Dual

  • Room 70

  • Room 70 G2

Requirements and Limitations

  • Supported version: HDCP - High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection, version 1.4.

  • HDCP content cannot be shared while in a call.

  • The screens, on which the protected content is displayed, must support HDCP. The integrated screens of all room devices support HDCP.

Configure HDCP Support

Set the Video > Input > Connector [n] > HDCP > Mode configuration to On to enable support for HDCP protected content on this connector.

The configuration is available both from the web interface (Advanced Settings) of the device, and in the API. Read the Advanced Settings article for information how to access the web interface and use the API.

Only one HDMI input connector can be configured to support HDCP protected content. Which connector depends on the type of device.

  • Codec Plus, Room 55 Dual, Room 70: Input Connector 2

  • Codec Pro, Room 70 G2: Input Connector 5

  • Room 55: Input Connector 3 (HDMI 2)

When an input connector is configured to support HDCP, it is reserved for this type of content. The reservation means:

  • You can share both HDCP content and non-HDCP content from this connector locally.

  • You can't share any content from this connector while in a call, regardless of what is connected.

  • You can’t take web snapshots of this source.

Output Connectors (Screens) That Can Show HDCP Content

HDCP content is only shown on screens that are connected to specific HDMI output connectors. Which connectors depend on the type of device.

  • Codec Plus, Room 55 Dual, Room 70: Output Connector 1

    This connector is for the integrated screen for Room 70 Single, and the left integrated screen for Room 55 Dual and Room 70 Dual.

  • Codec Pro, Room 70 G2: Output Connector 1 and Output Connector 2

    These connectors are for the integrated screens for Room 70 G2 Dual. The integrated screen for Room 70 G2 Single is connected to Output Connector 1.

  • Room 55: The integrated screen