From the customer view in https://admin.webex.com, go to Management > Workspaces, and then select the workspace that you want to update.


Go to Calling and click the cogwheel . Then choose a call service for the workspace and click Save.

  • Call on Webex (1:1 call, non-PSTN) (default)—For Webex app and SIP address calling.
  • Cisco Webex Calling—Add PSTN service to the device in the Workspace through the Webex Calling service—depending on your deployment, the PSTN service may come from a local gateway on the premises, through the PSTN the Service Provider bundled, or through a cloud connected PSTN (CCP) provider. Assign a phone number and extension to the device, and then click Next.

    For more information about the PSTN options, see PSTN Connectivity in the data sheet.

  • Hybrid Calling—To use call service (PSTN access or internal extension access) through your on-premises call control. Unified CM provides the phone number or extension for the devices in the place.

    If you chose Hybrid Calling, enter the Unified CM mail ID for the account that you created earlier. Then download the Device Connector to synchronize the Unified CM configurations to the cloud. Then click Next.

    For more information, see the Deployment Guide for Hybrid Calling for Cisco Webex Devices.


(Optional) Go to Calendar and click Add Calendar so that people can use One Button to Push (OBTP) from their Webex devices. Then select calendar service from the drop-down menu and select Resource Group and add Email Address. Click Save.

Enter or paste the email address of the room device. This is the email address that will be used to schedule meetings:

  • For devices that will be scheduled in Google Calendar, enter the Google resource email address from G Suites (Calendar > Resources). See About calendar resources (rooms, etc) for more information.

  • For devices that will be scheduled in Microsoft Exchange or Office 365, enter the email address of the room mailbox. See Create and Manage Room Mailboxes for more information.

This option requires the Hybrid Calendar Service. To configure the service, see the Deployment Guide for Cisco Webex Hybrid Calendar Service.