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Care Overview

Care is a digital customer care solution for help desks and small teams who support external or internal customers. It enables connected digital experiences by supporting customer care teams who want to deliver contextual, continuous, and capability-rich customer journeys.

With 15 minutes of setup, Care can be embedded on your website to offer chat and callback services. Care includes a customer care user workspace and integrated reporting with customer feedback to improve help desk productivity and effectiveness.

Cisco offers Care as part of the Cisco Webex Teams collaboration platform, with integrated administration and enterprise class security.

Key Functionalities

  • Care provides a holistic and connected customer care service experience that is simple to use with enterprise class security for your business.

  • Web Chat as a Service facilitates a chat feature that customers use to contact Care. You can customize the chat experience to suit your organizational needs.

  • Customer experience that is enhanced with callback and inbound capabilities that are integrated on your organization website. You can customize the callback experience to suit your organizational needs.

  • Real-time queue information of incoming activities.

  • Built-in access to customer identification, context and interaction history, giving users the knowledge to deliver a better customer experience.

  • End-to-end encryption offered using the Cisco Webex Teams cloud platform.

  • Integrated user, organization, and customer satisfaction reporting that you can access in the Cisco Webex Control Hub.

  • Feedback for customer interactions such as chat and callback.

Business Benefits

  • The service offers seamless collaboration experience with Cisco Webex Teams Message and Cisco Webex Teams Call.

  • The service includes complete view of the customer journey, which enables users to deliver a superior customer care experience to customers.

  • Customers can easily scale their business needs using Care.

  • Out of the box integration with Cisco Webex Teams adds value to your investment.

Enable Care Service

Your Cisco account partner can start the Care for your organization from the Cisco Webex Control Hub.

This example shows how a partner adds a Care subscription to a customer organization. The example assumes that:

  • The partner is a full administrator or sales administrator and can add trials.

  • The Cisco Webex Control Hub account or the organization and accounts associated with the organization have been created.

Add a Trial Service

  1. Log in to Cisco Webex Control Hub using your partner credentials.

  2. Click Start Trial on the Overview page. The Start New Trial window opens.

  3. Enter details about the trial:

    • Customer Information: Enter the name of the customer company and an email for the administrator.

    • Trial Services: Select the trials to add to this customer..

      • To enable Care, select Message.

      • Select Chat and Callback in the Care service group.

    • Click Next and complete the trial creation.

    • Click Start Trial when complete. You will see a confirmation that the trial is successfully added. For more information on Cisco Webex Teams trials, see Set Up a Cisco Spark Services Try and Buy Trial for Customers.


    You cannot change the customer name and administrator email after you create the trial. You can modify the other terms of the trial as needed.

    Make sure that the email you provide is not already associated with a Cisco Webex Control Hub account.

Set Up Care

After a partner starts a trial for your organization, you receive an email with a link to set up Care.

Once you have the email from your account partner with Context Service entitlement information, you can register using your new organization credentials.

  1. Click Set Up Now in your email. The Cisco Spark Control Hub opens, prompting you to create a new password.

  2. Create a new password and click Submit.

  3. Sign into your Contact Center administration portal, using your new credentials.

  4. Accept the Terms of Service.

    The Overview page now shows a Care card and you will see a Notification that informs you that your organization is enabled for Care.

  5. Select Care Settings left navigation bar. The Care settings page opens.

    Alternatively, you can click Setup Care Service in the Notifications pane.

  6. On the Care settings page, click Set Up Care.

    Once Care Services are successfully set up, you can configure other Care services and features.

Access the Care Card in Cisco Webex Control Hub

Once your partner enables a Care service for your organization and you have set up Care, the Overview Page displays a Care card.

The card displays the status of Care service for your organization, displaying the:

  • Total number of activities for this month

  • Total number of activities for last month.

  • Trial status of Care.

    The status icon indicates if Care Services are available or if there is a service outage. For more information about Care Service status, see the Cisco Webex Teams Status page.

The total number of activities are calculated from midnight UTC of the previous day.

For example, in this image, the total number of activities shown occurred between midnight of August 5, to 11:59 p.m of September 5.

If your organization has not set up Care, this card displays Cisco Sales contact information.

Care Card on the Services Page

Go to the Services to access the Care Features and Settings.

Click Features to configure Care templates and virtual assistants. For more information, see Design Cisco Spark Care Features.

Click Settings to configure other Care services. For more information, see Configure Cisco Spark Care Services.

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