TelePresence Video is not Captured in Meeting Center Video Conferencing and CMR Hybrid Meeting Recordings

TelePresence video is not captured in Cisco Webex Video Platform and Cisco Webex Video Mesh meeting downloaded recordings

Downloaded recordings from Cisco Webex Video Platform and Cisco Webex Video Mesh meetings are not showing video from TelePresence users



There is a known limitation with downloaded recordings from Cisco Webex Video Platform and Cisco Webex Video Mesh meetings. The TelePresence (TP) video will not be captured if the user at the endpoint is the host or the presenter. Webex video by the host/active speaker is still captured within the downloaded file.

This limitation still applies to Cisco Webex Video Mesh meetings, but beginning with Webex Business Suite (WBS) 32.4 and newer (Webex Meetings), the ability to show speaker video when an MP4 recording is downloaded and played, or played on a mobile device.
Only MP4 recordings created after this option is enabled for the site will have the speaker video when downloaded or played in mobile.
Contact Cisco Support to enable this functionality.

Note:  CMR Hybrid becomes EoS effectively on February 28, 2021. After 02/28/2021, CMR Hybrid service will continue till April 2021 (EOL), and at that point, CMR Hybrid customers will be auto -migrated to the latest version of CMR Cloud.

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