Browser Failure when Starting or Joining a Meeting

Browser failure when starting or joining a meeting.

Microsoft Internet Explorer crashes when starting or joining a meeting.

Screen dims and machine reboots when joining a meeting.

This article only applies to Internet Explorer. No other browsers use ActiveX in the join process.


To determine if the browser is the cause of the failure, it is suggested that ActiveX be disabled:

  • Disabling ActiveX allows the client install and start using Java without a "meeting in progress" page.
  • By Disabling ActiveX, the browser is removed from the equation.
  • If there is still a failure after disabling ActiveX, the browser is not the cause. If no failure is detected after disabling ActiveX, the browser is probably the cause of the failure.

To disable ActiveX with Internet Explorer:

If video is used during the meeting:

  • Disable video in a new meeting and verify if joining is possible without failure.
  • If able to join after disabling video driver, this indicates a video problem. This is usually resolved by updating video drivers.

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