Context Service Modes

You can set the mode when you create the Context Service client connection or register with Context Service. The two modes are Lab and Production.

  • Lab mode: Use this mode to test, develop, and debug Context Service. Lab mode contains nonproduction data and allows you to delete objects and flush all data. You can continue to test and develop in the Lab mode after you deploy a version to Production mode. You cannot access data created in Production mode while in Lab mode.

  • Production mode: Use this mode when you deploy Context Service in your application. You cannot delete objects in this mode. Make sure you test Context Service using the Lab mode before you deploy the service in your application. You cannot access data created in Lab mode while in Production mode.

If multiple applications in your organization are using Context Service, make sure all the applications are using the same mode. Data created in one mode cannot be accessed in another mode.


Context Service creates strict security boundaries between data created in Production and Lab modes by using separate accounts per workgroup per machine. This model enables you to isolate data between the two modes. When you register your application, both modes are enabled on the registered machine with the same connection data.

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