Manage Context Service Fieldsets

Context Service Fieldsets

The Hybrid Context Service Fieldsets page displays a list of all Cisco base fieldsets and any custom fieldsets configured for Context Service in your organization. A fieldset is a collection of fields, grouped with an inherent logic based on your business needs.


Partner administrators cannot access the Fieldset page of customer organizations.

Access Context Service Fieldsets

  1. Sign in to Cisco Webex Control Hub.

  2. Click Services to see view the services enabled for your account.

  3. On the Hybrid Context card, click Fieldsets.

The Fieldsets page displays a table of all available fieldsets, with these attributes:

  • Fieldset ID—Unique fieldset identifier.

  • Description—Fieldset description.

  • No. of Fields—Number of fields included in this fieldset.

  • Source—Indicates if the fieldset is a Cisco base fieldset or is a custom fieldset created for your organization.

  • Date Updated—Date this fieldset was last updated.

To sort fieldsets by an attribute, click the column headers in the fieldset table. To view fieldset details, click the fieldset name in the list.

Click the search icon above the Fieldsets list to search for a fieldset. You can search by any fieldset attribute. Search is case insensitive and supports partial match search.

View Fieldset Details

Click a fieldset name on the Fieldset page to view fieldset details, with these attributes:

  • Status—Indicates if the fieldset is in use. A fieldset is in use when it is added to a Context Service object.

  • Description—Displays a description of the fieldset.

  • Fields—Displays the number of fields in this fieldset. Click Fields to display a detailed list of fields in this fieldset along with their field ID, classification, and type.

  • Date Updated—Displays the date this fieldset was last updated.

  • Delete Fieldset—Click to delete this fieldset.


    The delete link is not available if the fieldset is a Cisco base fieldset or is in use.

Click Edit to change fieldset attributes.


The edit link is not available if the fieldset is a Cisco base fieldset.

Create New Fieldsets

Cisco Context Service contains a set of base fields, which are associated with base fieldsets. You can use these fields and fieldsets to store your customer data. For example, store the customer's name in the Context_First_Name base field. You can also create new fieldsets specific to your organization from the Fieldsets page.

See Context Service Objects for more information on storing customer data.

To add a new fieldset to to your organization:

  1. Click New to open the Create New Fieldset dialog box.


    You can create up to 1,000 fieldsets for your organization.

  2. Provide these details for the new fieldset:

    • Fieldset ID—Enter a unique ID for this fieldset.

    • Description—Enter a description of this fieldset.

  3. Click Next.

  4. Search and select the fields you want to add to this fieldset, one at a time. Fields are displayed in the order they are added to the fieldset.


    You can add up to 50 fields to a fieldset.

  5. Click Create once you have added all the fields.

Edit Fieldsets

You can edit custom fieldsets created for your organization. You cannot edit Cisco base fieldsets. You cannot edit the Fieldset ID attribute.


In Cisco Spark Control Hub, after you add or remove fields to an existing fieldset any changed fields are not immediately available in the Context Service SDK. For up to 30 minutes, you can not associate the modified fieldset with an object if it contains the changed fields.

To edit a fieldset:

  1. Click a fieldset name on the Fieldset page. The Fieldset details open.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. Edit the attributes you want to update and click Next.

  4. Update the list of fields in this fieldset and click Save.

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