The Audio PIN is Missing from the Calendar Appointment

The Audio PIN is missing from the calendar appointment.

Does Webex send two separate emails when scheduling meetings on Webex sites enabled for Cisco Webex Video Platform (CWVP)?

A Personal Conference meeting scheduled using Webex Desktop App no longer displays the Audio PIN in my calendar appointment.

The Audio PIN is not included in my appointment when scheduling with Webex Desktop App.

Personal Conference Number (PCN) PIN missing while scheduling a meeting using desktop app.

This article does not include support on Mac Webex Desktop App. Mac Webex Desktop App currently cannot send 2 templates in any scenario.

Only one email invitation template is available in the Windows version of Webex Desktop App (for both Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes). Hosts and attendees now receive only the attendee version of the email template; the host version is no longer available. This change eliminates the possibility of host information being sent to attendees. Hosts can still locate their Audio PIN or host access codes by viewing the meeting information on the Webex site, on the desktop, or in the mobile app. Note that both the integration with Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Windows and the integration with Microsoft Outlook for the Mac already only support the attendee version of the meeting email template.


  • A single email template is still used when scheduling a (CWVP) Hybrid only meeting, and when scheduling a Webex meeting in your Personal Room. In these cases, both the host and attendees receive the same meeting information containing the general meeting information.
  • The Audio PIN on audio-only meetings still won't be displayed on any of the audio-only meeting email templates.
  • The scenarios outlined above do not include Mac Webex Desktop App.  It is currently a limitation that Mac Webex Desktop App currently cannot send 2 email templates (Host + Attendee) in any scenario.

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