Bots in Webex

Bots can help extend the functionality in Webex to include third-party apps. You can add bots to Webex spaces and interact directly with the third-party app from the space. When you've added the bot to the space, you can send a help message to the bot and the response includes the commands that the bot supports.

Bots can present information within Webex in various ways. Through Cards, however, it is easier for users to interact directly with the bot’s response to a command.


Check out all the available bots for Webex at

If you’d like to report any issues, you can report them to “

Add the Birthday Bot

You can add the Birthday Bot to any new or existing space in Webex. However, the bot works best in a group spaces.


Go to Spaces , and choose a space to add the Birthday Bot.


You can also create a new space with just the Birthday Bot.


Select People, click Add People, then enter the birthday bot name

Once added, the bot will send a welcome message.


Click Request Birthdays, and the bot will send a direct message to everyone in the space asking for their birthday information.

In the direct message space with the Birthday Bot, users can add, edit, or delete their birthday information.

Celebrate with the Birthday Bot

When it’s someone's birthday, the bot will post a message and a funny GIF in the Webex space.

In the space with the Birthday Bot, you can also send a message to the bot for added functionality:

  • Enter @BirthdayBot upcoming—to check for birthdays.

  • Enter @BirthdayBot add—to add birthdays for new members.

And that's it, make it easy for your team to join the celebration and make everyone feel special.