Introducing the Webex Suite

The all new Webex Suite addresses your most pressing concerns as you transition to Hybrid Work. The Webex Suite represents our commitment to make you successful as the world shifts into hybrid work.

The Webex Suite offers multiple collaboration modes in one subscription, all delivered through the Webex App App and managed through Control Hub.

The Webex Suite includes:

When will the slow channel get the new Webex branding?

If you are on the slow channel or have deferred upgrades, you'll get the new Webex Meetings logo when you upgrade to 41.6.x.

We are excited to unveil our new brand and commitment to lead the new era of hybrid work.

Our core value of inclusivity is fully embodied in our brand. Our brand reflects Cisco’s purpose: To power an inclusive future for all.

Figure 1. New Webex lockup (logo and wordmark)
Figure 2. New Webex logo, all platforms
Image comparing the new versions of the Webex App and Webex Desktop logos against the old Webex and Webex Meetings logos
Figure 3. New Webex site logo
Figure 4. New Webex Meetings logo, on a mobile
Figure 5. New Webex Meetings logo, on a desktop

The new brand also renames products and services, to simplify and focus on Webex. Some examples:

  • Webex replaces Cisco Webex.

  • Webex Meetings replaces Cisco Webex Meetings.

  • Control Hub replaces Cisco Webex Control Hub.

Branding resources

Here are the resources you need for co-marketing and reselling Webex products:

  • Webex Brand Collection contains all the brand assets including the new logos, lockups, color palettes, and iconography.

  • A brand enablement kit is available on SalesConnect (for Cisco Partners).

  • We're updating a Cisco Community page with details of brand training events and recordings.