Consumer accounts

This help article is relevant to subscriptions purchased via When you purchase a plan from, easily modify what you're paying for and how you're paying in your Account Management.

For pricing info and a comparison of features by plan, visit the Plans and Pricing page.


Enterprise account administrators or partners––refer to Control Hub help articles for relevant info on managing your organization.

Navigate to Account Management

On your Webex App or Webex site, click your avatar and select Account Management, or go to:

To access device management, usage reports, or service setup, go to your menu and select Control Hub.


Accounts in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and Macau don't have access to Account Management.

Manage users, licenses, invitations, and your current plan. If a new user didn't receive their invitation email, you can also resend it from here.

There are two types of administrators on an account:

  • Billing administrator––The purchaser of the account with full access.

  • Full administrator––Users with limited access to Account Management.


The tasks in this topic are grouped by billing administrator and full administrator permissions. Only the billing administrator can make the following changes or requests: Add more licenses, upgrade/downgrade your plan, change plan terms, download invoices, and update payment info.

Billing admin––Choose a new plan, buy and delete licenses, or update your plan terms.

From the Users tab:

  • Buy more licenses––Click Buy more licenses, then Add user. Add the user info and email address to send an invite, or leave blank to add later. To buy a license for an existing user, select the Assign a license check box next to their name. Then click Continue > Checkout. Follow the steps to confirm your changes and new pricing.
  • Edit plan––Click Edit licenses toggle or the Add users button. Choose a new plan from the drop-down list, then click Continue > Checkout. Follow the steps to confirm your changes and new pricing.


    Select the info icon to view details about a plan.

  • Update your plan terms––Click Edit licenses toggle or the Add users button and select *Annual or Monthly. Then click Continue > Checkout. Follow the steps to confirm your changes and updated terms.


    *Not available in Germany.

  • Assign admin permissions––Click Edit next to the user you want to add, select the Full admin check box, then click Save.

Full admin and Billing admin––View and manage unassigned licenses, delete users, and send or resend invites.

In the Users tab:

  • Manage unassigned licenses––Click the Edit licenses toggle or the Add users button. Add the email address (required) and their name (optional), then click Send invites.

  • Add users––Go to your profile menu and select Control Hub to add users without adding more licenses.

  • Delete users––Click the Edit licenses toggle or the Add users button, then clicknext to their name.
  • Send or resend invites––Click the Users tab and click Resend Invitation next to users with the "Pending" status.

Edit a user's first and last name, email address, or assign administrator rights.


From the Users tab, click next to the user you want to edit.


Edit their details or add administrator rights.


To change their email address, you must delete their profile first, then add them again with the new email address.


Click Save.

Delete users and unassigned licenses that are associated with your plan. If you're the account owner, you can't delete your user profile.


From the Users tab, to remove:

  • Licenses––Clicknext to a blank row, or select the Delete unassigned licenses check box to remove all unassigned licenses.
  • Users––Select the Delete user check box next to their name, then click Continue > Update subscription.

Change to another paid plan at any time. Your current plan expires at the end of your billing period.


To cancel autorenewal, go to Cancel paid subscriptions in the Billing tab.


In the Users tab, click the Edit licenses toggle.


Choose a new plan from the drop-down list, then click Continue.

Select the info icon to view details about a plan.


Review your order and click Continue.

Follow the instructions on the screen to complete your changes.

What to do next

Continue using your current plan until your billing cycle ends.

Modify the card or billing address on file, cancel paid subscriptions or autorenewals, and download invoices (billing admin only).

Accounts located in UK, IN, and CAN can also modify their tax status.

For more details on your annual or monthly charges, read through your invoice.


Enterprise account administrators––contact your partner or distributor about your billing information.

Add and update the card that's associated with your account. To change the card on file, edit your billing information and add the new card.


Only the billing administrator has permissions to modify billing information.


In the Billing tab, click Edit in the Payment method box.


Enter your changes to your billing address or add your new credit card info, then click Save.

How you cancel your plan depends on how you bought it. Keep reading to see if this article applies to you.

Enterprise accounts

If you purchased your account outside of, you can't use self-service cancellations.

  • Plans purchased through Cisco Commerce Express (CCE)––Submit a cancellation request 30 days or more before your agreement's autorenewal date. See Managing Auto Renewal for Subscriptions in the Cisco Commerce Express Customer User Guide.

    To cancel your renewal that's scheduled in 30 days or less, or to request an exception to your contract terms, open a case. Select Subscription Changes > Cancellation - Webex to get your case to the right place.

  • Plans purchased through a partner or distributor––Contact your partner or distributor to cancel your plan.

  • Partners and distributors––See Best Practices for Managing SaaS Subscriptions on CCW.

Cancel your subscription

When you cancel your paid plan, your subscription is active until your contract ends. Refer to your Universal Cloud Agreement for more details.


For issues with your account, please contact Support.

  1. From your Billing tab, click Cancel paid subscription.

  2. Click Continue to acknowledge loss of service.

  3. Provide feedback (optional), then click Submit.

Your account is downgraded to the Free plan once your subscription ends. You'll receive an email confirming your cancel request, then another confirmation when your subscription expires. Keep your free account for as long as you like, or you can delete it.


Changed your mind? If you're still within your final billing cycle, click Undo downgrade in the Subscription tab.

Before you begin

Only the billing admin has permissions to download invoices.


In the Billing tab, scroll down to the desired invoice.


Click the PDF to download.

What to do next

Check out your invoice to read more about your bill.