Webex Online and enterprise customers who allow self registration can allow users to register using the Social sign-in registration service.

The service allows users to sign up with OAuth providers allowed by Webex:

  • Google

  • Microsoft/O365

  • Facebook

  • AppleID

Each of the client teams allows this feature independently, and can use the feature toggle to pass a parameter for the supported OAuth providers.

Enable Social Sign-in for your site

  1. Log in to the Cisco Webex Control Hub ( https://admin.webex.com).

  2. In the left panel, click Organization Settings.

  3. In the right panel, scroll to Authentication and locate External Social Sign-In

  4. Turn on the Social Sign-in setting, then select each of the third-parties you want to allow users to sign in with.

Users can now register and sign in to Webex using the selected Social sign-in registration services. See https://help.webex.com/article/n9yoedcb for information on how users can sign in with their social network account.