Enable simultaneous interpretation for a Personal Room

Before managing simultaneous interpretation in a Personal Room meeting, you must first enable the feature in your preferences.

Sign in to your Webex Site.


Go to Preferences > My Personal Room > Interpretation.


Check Enable simultaneous interpretation in my Personal Room meetings.


Click Save.

Assign interpreters in a Personal Room meeting

When you enable your simultaneous interpretation settings, you can then add languages and assign them to interpreters when you're in the meeting.

From the Home page on your Webex Site, click Start a Meeting.


Invite people to your Personal Room. Go to More options and click Invite and Remind.


In the Personal Room meeting, click Interpretation > Manage Interpretation.

  • Click Add new language and select the source and target languages.
  • Select an available interpreter from the drop-down list or select a participant to elevate them to the interpreter role, then click Apply.