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The latest release of Cisco WebEx Meeting Center has some new features, and some of its functions have been improved to make your meetings even more efficient.


Area of ChangeModifications and Improvements
Spark Room Integration

If your organization's WebEx site has been provisioned with Spark, meeting hosts now have the option of adding a Spark Room when they end a meeting. The room will be pre-populated with the meeting title and meeting attendees. This feature can be disabled or enabled from the Cisco WebEx Administration Tool.

Personal Room

Meeting hosts can now set their Personal Room to automatically lock 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes after the meeting starts. While logged into your WebEx site, select My WebEx > Preferences > My Personal Room to change the setting. While the Auto lock feature is on, meeting hosts will still be notified when someone is waiting in the lobby, and can still unlock the room to admit people manually.


Meeting hosts also now have the option of being notified by email when someone enters their Personal Room while they are away. While logged into your WebEx site, select My WebEx > Preferences > My Personal Room to change the setting.

Recurring MeetingsCMR Hybrid now supports exceptions to recurring meetings. Hosts can use Productivity tools to change a meeting date and time as usual, and also change WebEx and TelePresence properties of a meeting in a series. You cannot add WebEx or TelePresence to one occurrence of a meeting in a series that was scheduled without WebEx or TelePresence
VideoIf your computer has a webcam enabled, a preview of your video is now displayed when you start or join a meeting. While the preview is displayed, you can enable or disable automatically sending video in all meetings you start or join, and disable the video pop-up for future meetings. When there are only two people in a meeting, each participant can see the other's video by default (if they have enabled their video stream).
ChatA Chat notification message now appears at the top of the Participants panel when the Chat panel is closed or collapsed.
Expel ParticipantHosts can expel a meeting participant by right clicking the participant's name, and selecting Expel.
Productivity ToolsInstallation of Productivity Tools will no longer require you to restart your computer. However, you will need to restart Outlook for the changes to take effect. This feature will not take effect until after the first version of WBS30.
SchedulingWhen scheduling a meeting, hosts can now require that attendees have an account on the WebEx site in order to join the meeting.
Platforms SupportedSee the Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Mac OS X 10.6, and Internet Explorer 6 End-of Support Announcement (WBS30) for details on platforms and browsers no longer supported.