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My Account

Where can I retrieve my username and password?

If you can’t remember your username, try one of the following:

  • Your full email address
  • The first part of your email address before the domain (
  • If your organization uses Single Sign-On, your username will be the same as your network login.
  • From your computer, click the Forgot your username? link and then follow the prompts. An email will be sent to you. The link is not available from mobile devices.


If you can’t remember your password, from your computer, click the Forgot your password? link and then follow the prompts. You will receive an email from which you can reset your password. The link is not available from mobile devices.


WebEx Technical Support cannot reset your password. If you are unable to log in after following the steps above, contact your organization's WebEx site administrator. You should be able to reach your site administrator through your organization’s computer support or IT department. Contact information for your WebEx site administrator may also be included in the password reminder email.


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Schedule and Connect


How do I join a meeting from a PC or Mac?

You can join a meeting in any of the following ways:

  • Open the invitation email and click the link. Enter your name, email address, and the meeting password (if required), then click Join Now.
  • Navigate to the WebEx site, then click Browse Meetings. Click the name of the meeting you want to join and enter your name, email address and the meeting password (if required), then click Join Now.
  • To join an unlisted meeting, click Unlisted Meeting, enter the meeting number, then click Join Now.


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How do I join a meeting from a mobile device?

To get started, download the Cisco WebEx Meetings app and install it on your device. The app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Windows 8 phones, and BlackBerry.

If you have a WebEx account, locate the meeting on the My Meetings screen, then tap Join.


If you do not have a WebEx Account, you can join a meeting using either of these methods:

  • Open the invitation email, then tap Join.
  • Tap WebEx Meetings, then tap Join by Number. Enter the meeting number, your name and email address, then tap Join.


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How do I schedule a meeting?

After you log in to your WebEx site, click Host a Meeting to expand the menu, then click Schedule a Meeting. Depending on how your site is configured, you will see either the Quick Scheduler or the Advanced Scheduler. Enter a meeting topic and time, as well as any other information you and the participants will need. Then, click Schedule Meeting.


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I scheduled my meeting for 1 hour. Will it end automatically when the hour is up?

No. The meeting will continue until it is ended by you or an alternate host. Participants can leave the meeting at any time, however.


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Can I schedule and start a meeting from Outlook?

Yes. You can use Outlook to schedule meetings, invite attendees, and start WebEx meetings. Attendees you invite can join your meeting from their Outlook Calendars.

To get started, download and install WebEx Productivity Tools from the Support > Downloads page on your WebEx site. For more information, see the WebEx Productivity Tools Overview.

You will need administrative privileges to install WebEx Productivity Tools on a Windows computer.

Once productivity tools are installed, click Schedule Meeting in the Outlook Ribbon, then click Add WebEx Meeting and select a Meeting Center option from the Meeting Template field.


When it's time to start a meeting, you can open the appointment on your Outlook calendar, then click the meeting link. You can also click Schedule Meeting in the Outlook Ribbon for additional options to find and start your meeting.


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Can I schedule a recurring meeting?

Yes. In the Date & Time section of the Advanced Scheduler, set the recurrence to None, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly. You can then further customize the settings, such as the frequency and the end date.


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How do I specify an alternate host for a meeting?

On the Advanced Scheduler, click Invite Attendees, then click Select Attendees. Choose a contact from the list, then click Alternate Host. Note that only attendees with host privileges can be alternate hosts.


To add an alternate host to new training session from Outlook, click Schedule Meeting and enter the names of invitees, then click Add WebEx Meeting in the Outlook Ribbon. Select a Meeting Center option from the Meeting template field. Click the Resources tab, then select a name from the Alternate Host section. Click OK.


To add or edit an alternate host for an existing session, open the session on your calendar and click Change Settings to display the WebEx Settings dialog box. Click the Resources tab and make any required changes.


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Can I schedule a meeting for someone else?

Yes, provided the person you are scheduling for has given you permission on their My WebEx > My Profile page. When it's time to schedule a meeting from your WebEx site, click Schedule a Meeting from the left-hand navigation menu, then display the Advanced Scheduler. Select the name of the person from the Schedule for drop-down. Set the meeting options, then click Schedule Meeting.


From Outlook, you must be assigned as a delegate for the host in order to open their calendar. Select File > Open > Other User's Folder. Click Name… and select the host's name from the address book, then select Calendar from the Folder type: drop-down, and click OK. Click a date in the host's calendar, and then click Schedule Meeting from the Outlook toolbar. Schedule the meeting, entering meeting information on the Appointment tab and selecting attendees from the Invite Attendees or Scheduling menus. Click Add WebEx Meeting. Enter and confirm a password. Verify the meeting options and click OK to close the dialog box. Click Send.


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How do I start a scheduled meeting?

Log in to your Meeting Center site, then click My WebEx on the top navigation bar. Select the meeting in the list, then click Start.


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How do I change the title of my One-Click meeting?

Log in to your WebEx site and click My WebEx. Click Productivity Tools Setup, then under Meeting Options enter or change the Topic.


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If your Meeting Center site includes the Collaboration Meeting Room (CMR) add-on, you can set up your Personal Room, which provides you with a permanent meeting URL in the following format:


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Online Meeting Features


Is there a limit to the number of people I can have in my meeting?

Depending on the Meeting Center service type your organization has purchased, up to 1000 participants may be able to join a WebEx Meeting Center meeting when using WebEx Audio (500 when using VoIP only or Other Teleconference service). The participant total includes the host, note taker, and closed captionist.


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How do I share an application, a file, my desktop, or video during a meeting?

After you start your meeting, click the button at the bottom of the sharing panel on the Quick Start tab. Select what you want to share with participants, such as a whiteboard or file.  Once you share something, participants will see what you see. You can also select Share from the meeting menu bar.


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How do I share a presentation during my meeting?

Select Share > File from the menu bar, or click Share File on the Quick Start page. Locate the presentation file you want to share, then click Open. Use the page controls at the top of the meeting window to move through slides. If you are sharing a presentation created with PowerPoint 2013 or later, the page controls will not advance through transitions and animations.

If you have added notes to a shared PowerPoint presentation created with PowerPoint 2010 or earlier, they will be available to the presenter in the PPT Notes panel.

For best results when sharing presentations created with PowerPoint 2013 or later, use Share Application.


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Can I control a PC or Mac remotely during a meeting?

If participants have been assigned the Control shared applications, Web browser, or desktop remotely privilege, they can pass control of their application, desktop, or web browser to anyone in the meeting.

While sharing, move the mouse to the top of the screen and click Assign. Select Pass Keyboard and Mouse Control, then select the participant to assign control to. The selected participant gets a message advising them to click to gain control.

To return control to the presenter, triple-click.


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Audio Connection


Where can I get a list of global call-in numbers?

When you join the meeting's audio conference, select I will call in. Then, click All global call-in numbers. Or, from the Meeting Info screen, click Show all global call-in numbers.


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Can I turn off the beep notifying me that someone has joined the meeting?

Using the Advanced Scheduler, click Audio Conference, then select No Tone from the Entry and exit tone drop-down. Using the Quick Scheduler, click Change audio conference, then select No Tone from the Entry and exit tone drop-down.


Once you are in the meeting, you can turn off the notifications by deselecting Participant> Entry and Exit Tone from the menu bar.


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CMR and Personal Rooms


What is Collaboration Meeting Room (CMR)?

Collaboration Meeting Room (CMR) is an add-on option for Meeting Center that enables you to join a meeting from Cisco TelePresence, any standards-based video conferencing system or application, or any WebEx enabled mobile or desktop web client.

There are two types of CMR services for WebEx: CMR Cloud and CMR Hybrid.  CMR Cloud pairs the cloud-based WebEx video bridge with WebEx meetings. People can join from anywhere in the world using technology that they already have, including video conferencing devices, computers, and mobile devices. CMR Hybrid allows Meeting Center users to join Cisco TelePresence video conferences.

CMR Cloud supports up to 25 standards-based video endpoints. Depending on a company's subscription, up to 500 additional video-enabled mobile and desktop users, and 500 audio-only users can attend. It gives WebEx Meeting Center users access to an always-available Personal Room with a permanent address so they can start a meeting whenever needed, instantly. 


CMR Hybrid enables you to include WebEx Meeting Center users in Cisco TelePresence video conferences. It requires Cisco TelePresence Server, Cisco TelePresence Management Suite and a subscription to Cisco WebEx Meeting Center. Each meeting will support up to 100 standards-based video endpoints and up to 500 video-enabled WebEx Meeting Center users.


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How do I setup my Personal Room?

When CMR Cloud is added to your WebEx Meeting Center site, you will receive a welcome email. Click Setup Room in the email, then follow the prompts. When setup is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions for accessing your Personal Room.


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How do I enter my Personal Room?

You can enter your Personal Room in any of the following ways.

  • Click the link in the Personal Room confirmation email, click Enter Room, then log in with your WebEx username and password.
  • Dial from a video conferencing system or application using the information in the confirmation email, then enter your host PIN.
  • Dial the phone number in the confirmation email, then enter your access code.
  • Log in to your WebEx Meeting Center site. Under Host a Meeting in the left navigation panel, click My Personal Room, then click Enter Room.


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How do I schedule a CMR Hybrid session in Outlook?

To include WebEx Meeting Center users in your scheduled Cisco TelePresence video conferences, download and install WebEx Productivity Tools with TelePresence from the Support > Downloads page on your WebEx site. Once in Outlook, on the Outlook Ribbon, click Schedule Meeting. Then, in the Meeting Options panel, specify the WebEx and TelePresence options for your meeting. Be sure to check Allow people to join using WebEx. Next, click Add TelePresence Rooms, select the TelePresence rooms you want to use, and click OK. Finally, add the names of meeting invitees, type the meeting subject, then click Send.


When your meeting has been booked, it appears on your Outlook calendar with all of the information you need to start it. Invitees receive a meeting invitation with the information they need to join.


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