Productivity Tools: Using WebEx Integration to Lotus Notes (WBS29.13, WBS30)

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WebEx integration to Lotus Notes provides a convenient way for you to use Lotus Notes to schedule, start, or join WebEx Meetings. After installing the integration on your computer, you can invite contacts from your Lotus Notes address book and start meetings directly from your Lotus Notes calendar.

Note: If you have not installed WebEx Productivity Tools, navigate to your WebEx service site and select Support > Downloads. For detailed installation instructions, please see Productivity Tools: Installing and Configuring (WBS29.13, WBS30)

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Specifying Account Settings

Before using Lotus Notes to schedule a WebEx meeting, you need to provide your account information.

1. On the Lotus Notes tool bar, click WebEx, then select Account Settings. The WebEx Settings dialog appears.


2. Your WebEx account information was automatically configured during installation. Verify your WebEx site URL and user name, enter your password, then click OK. The Communicating with server message is displayed while your login information is verified and saved.


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Scheduling a WebEx Meeting

1. Open your Lotus Notes calendar, then click Schedule a Meeting. The New Calendar Entry tab appears.

2. Enter the meeting information as you normally would.

3. Click Add WebEx Meeting. The WebEx Settings dialog appears.

4. Enter a meeting password.

Note: Modify any settings as necessary. Refer to the tables following step 6 for explanations of the available features.

5. When you have finished scheduling and modifying settings, click OK.

6. On the Lotus Notes toolbar, click Save and Send Invitations. Meeting invitations are sent, and the scheduled meeting appears on your Lotus Notes calendar and on the My WebEx page, My WebEx Meetings list.


Meeting Information


Use this option...To...
Meeting templateSelect a template to use for the meeting. Templates are created on your WebEx service site and determine the basic settings that will be used for the meeting.
Service typeSelect the type of WebEx session you want to schedule a meeting for. This option lists only the session types available for your site and user account.
Exclude password from email invitationIf you select this option for added security, you will need to communicate the password to attendees using another method.
List this meeting on the WebEx siteSelect this option to list this meeting on the Browse Meetings page of your WebEx site. If you clear this box, your meeting will not be listed.
Attendees can join the meeting…Select this option to allow attendees to join before the host. You must specify the number of minutes if you select this option.


Audio and Tracking


Use this option...To...
Conference type

Select the type of audio conference you want to use.

  • WebEx Audio. Includes a WebEx integrated teleconference. Instructions for joining meeting audio appear on participants’ screens when they join the meeting.
  • Other Teleconference. Includes a teleconference that another service provides, such as a third-party teleconferencing service or internal teleconferencing system.
  • Use VoIP only. Participants can connect to meeting audio only using integrated VoIP.
  • None. Does not include teleconference or integrated VoIP. Participants will only able to communicate in the meeting using chat.
Tracking code (Optional)Verify that the correct tracking code is displayed, or click Select Tracking Code to select a new code.




Use this option...To...
Require Attendee Registration

Specify that all attendees must register to attend the meeting.

Automatically accept registration requestsAccept all registration requests automatically, and let all registrants attend the meeting.




Use this option...To...
Info tab templates
Determine the meeting details displayed on the Meeting Info tab.
Autoplay presentation
Upload a presentation or document, in UCF format, to display while attendees are waiting for the meeting to start.


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Starting a WebEx Meeting

If you have scheduled a WebEx meeting in Lotus Notes, you can start it directly from your Lotus Notes calendar.

1. Open your Lotus Notes calendar, then double-click the appointment. The Calendar Entry opens.

2. Click Start. Lotus Notes connects to your WebEx Service site.


3. If prompted, log in to your WebEx service. The Meeting Information page appears.

4. Click Start to start your meeting.


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Joining a WebEx Meeting

Meeting attendees can join a WebEx meeting by doing any of the following.

  • Clicking the link in the invitation email sent by the host.
  • Navigating to the Browse Meetings or Unlisted Meeting page on the WebEx service site, locating the meeting, then clicking Join.
  • Opening the meeting’s calendar entry (if it was added to the Lotus Notes calendar), then clicking the link to the meeting.



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