Integrated Recorder: Recording and Playback (WBS29.13, WBS30)

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Recorded meetings are useful because they provide access to meeting information for a wider audience at times most convenient to them. Recordings can be posted for easy access on a website or made available for downloading for local viewing.

The Integrated Recorder allows you to capture all screen activity (including mouse movements and annotations) that occurs in a WebEx meeting, event, or training session. To capture an audio conference, you must use a special phone recording adapter.


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Recording a Meeting

To make a recording:

1. Start your meeting, event or training session.

2. From the Meeting, Event, or Session menu, select Recorder Settings > Record on this Computer.

Record from MC menu with dropdown.png

Note: In Event Center, commands appear under the Event menu; in Training Center they appear under the Session menu.

3. Click Record. The Save Recorded Meeting As dialog box appears.

4. Enter a filename and click Save. The Recorder Panel appears.

Recorder Panel.png

5. Click Record to begin recording. The Recorder Panel is relocated to the bottom right of the screen.

6. Click Stop  to end recording. The recording file is automatically saved.

Note: Click Pause to put a break in a recording without ending it, then click Pause again to re-start.


The following additional functions are available on the Recorder Panel:




Icon_navigation_marker.pngSets a marker in the recording for navigating and editing.
Icon_Record_PC_Audio.pngToggles the option to record audio from the computer.
Icon_Recording_Duration.pngDisplays the current duration of the recording in hours, minutes, and seconds; shows the current file size in kilobytes.


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Recording with the Panel Hidden

1. From the Meeting, Event, or Session menu select Recorder Settings > Recorder Panel.

Note: The Recorder Panel must be visible to access this feature.

2. From the Recorder Panel tab, select Hide the Recorder panel during recording and click OK.

Recorder Panel Settings.png

3. When you click Record, the panel will be hidden.

4. Use Ctrl+Alt+P to pause/resume the recording and Ctrl+Alt+S to stop the recording.

When the recording is stopped, the recording file is automatically saved.

Note: By default, attendees to not have recording privileges. To allow attendees to record, the presenter must select Assign Privileges from the Participant menu and check Record a meeting.


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Playing Recordings

Using the WebEx Player, you can play any recording made using the Integrated (or Standalone) Recorder, since both save recordings as a WebEx Recording Format (.wrf) file.

If you do not yet have the WebEx Player, download it from the Recording and Playback page of your WebEx service site.


To download the WebEx player:

1. Log in to your WebEx service site.

2. On the left navigation bar, under Support click Downloads.

3. In the Recorder and Players section, click the Recording and Playback link.

4. Locate the WebEx Player Installer for your platform.

5. Click to download the installer, then open the installer and follow the instructions. The WebEx Player is installed.


To play a recording:

1. Double-click the WebEx Player icon. The Player Panel appears.


2. On the playback panel, click File > Open.

3. Browse and select a *.wrf file, then click Open.

Note: Another option for opening a recording is to double-click a *.wrf file. The WebEx Player automatically launches.

4. On the playback panel, click Play.

5. Click Stop to end the playback.

Note: Click Pause to stop playback without ending it, then click Pause again to re-start it.


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Player Panel Controls


Icon_Play.pngPlays the recording.
Icon_Pause.pngPauses and resumes the recording.
Icon_Stop.pngStops the recording.
Icon_Rewind.png Icon_Fast_Forward.pngRewinds or fast-forwards the recording incrementally.
Icon_Previous_Segment.pngIcon_Next_Segment.pngNavigates to the previous or next segment.
Icon_Adjust_Volume.pngAdjusts the playback volume.
Icon_Toggle_Full-screen.pngToggles full-screen mode.
Icon_go_to_specific_location.pngFast forwards or rewinds to a specific location, and displays the elapsed time during playback and the total duration of a recording.


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Playback with the Panel Hidden

1. With the Player panel open, select Controls > Settings.

Note: You must have a file open for the Settings command to be available.

2. Select Hide Player Console during playback and click OK.

3. When you click Play, the panel will be hidden.

    • To pause playback, click Ctrl+Alt+P.
    • To stop playback, click Ctrl+Alt+S.


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