Training Center: Scheduling a Session (WBS29.13, WBS30)

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You can customize how your training session is viewed and accessed. When scheduling, you can accept the default settings or modify options for your session.


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Session & Access Information

Topic: Enter a name for your training session. (Required)

Set/Confirm session password: Create and re-enter a password for all participants to use to access the session. (Required)

Choose a listing status:

  • Listed for all
  • Listed for authorized users only
  • Unlisted (Attendees must enter the session number and password or click the link in their invitation email.)


Select Optional check boxes:

  • This session will have over 500 attendees (Certain features will be disabled if you select and confirm this option with the subsequent dialog box.)
  • Automatically delete session after it ends
  • Send a copy of the attendee invitation to me


Complete additional fields: Depending on your site settings, your scheduling page may include any/all of the following additional fields.

  • Session type
  • Tracking Codes
  • Session fee and payment


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Audio Conference Settings

WebEx Audio: Select if you want to allow participants to choose to join the audio portion of the session using their telephone, or using their computer (VoIP).

For telephone users:

  • Display toll-free number: If your site provides toll- free call-in audio conferencing, both a toll-free number and a toll number are available. Your organization assumes the charges for a toll-free call; participants assume the charges for toll calls
  • Show toll-free dialing restrictions link: Displays a list of calling restrictions by country.
  • Display global call-in numbers: This option provides a list of numbers, such as toll-free or local numbers, that attendees in other countries can call to join the audio conference
  • Enable telephone CLI authentication when participants call in: (Optional) Select Caller Line Identification (CLI) to transmit a caller's telephone number before the call is answered.


For all users:

  • Mute attendees upon entry: Select if you want the attendees' audio to be muted when they enter the training session. This may prevent disruption, especially if the training session is in process
  • Entry & exit tone: Select the sound alert or announcement, if any, that you would like all participants to hear when an attendee joins or leaves the session
  • Teleconferencing Service: Select an existing WebEx Personal Conference Number account or create an account in My WebEx>My Audio
  • Other teleconference service: Enter instructions, such as a phone number and pass code required by your third-party service, so participants can connect to alternative teleconferencing.
  • Use VoIP Only: Select if you want participants to communicate using VoIP only. Participants with a sound card, microphone, and speakers attached to their computers can communicate without using a telephone.
  • None: Specifies that no audio conference is necessary for the session


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Date & Time

Starting time: Select the month, day, year, hour, and minute at which you want the training session to start

Plan session time zones link: Allows you to select up to three time zones to plan the most suitable time for you and your participants it meet

Select optional check boxes:

  • Attendees can join [select from drop-down list] minutes before the start time
  • Attendees can also connect to WebEx teleconference


Occurrence: Select one of the following.

  • Single-session class
  • Recurring single-session class
  • Multiple-session course, or
  • Schedule Irregular Sessions


Time zone: Defaults to the time zone of your profile. The email notification system specifies your time zone.

Estimated duration: Specify your estimated duration.

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Require attendee registration: (Optional) Select to require attendees to register prior to joining the session. This allows you to view a list of attendees, collect attendee information, and accept or reject individual registration requests.

Note: If you choose to require attendee registration, additional fields are displayed, including password, maximum registrations, wait list and cancellation options.

Automatically approve all registration requests: (Optional) If you require registration, you may also have Training Center automatically approve requests.


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Attendees and Presenters

Enter attendee contact details or select them from an address book saved on your WebEx site.

To add attendees:

  1. Click Invite Attendees.
  2. Add contacts to the Attendees to Invite list. To add a new contact:
    • Type the attendee’s Full name, Email address, and Phone number. (To add the attendee to your address book, select the Add new attendee to my address book check box.)
    • Click Add Attendee.
    • To add a contact from an address book:

   3. Add contacts from an address book:

    • Click Select Contacts
    • Select attendees from your address book.
    • Click Add Attendee.

   4. When the list is complete, click OK.


To add presenters:

  1. Click Invite Presenters.
  2. Refer to the directions above for adding attendees; follow the same steps for adding presenter contact information.


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Session Options

  1. To select or change session options, click Edit Options.
  2. Select appropriate settings for chat, video, attendee privileges, and security.
  3. Click Save. These features will be enabled when you start your meeting.
  4. To “drop off” attendees at a specified URL after the training session, type the URL address in the Destination address (URL) after session box.
  5. Choose an Entry and exit tone from the drop-down list.
  6. To create a pop-up message or greeting to appear when attendees join your session, select Customize greeting message when attendee joins.
  7. Enter a message in the Message box and click OK.


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Email Options

  1. Click Edit Email Options.
  2. Select the types of email messages that you want to send when certain events occur.You can also click the title of the email to modify the content.


    • Invitation to Join a Training Session
    • Invitation to a Training Session in Progress
    • Invitation to Register for a Training Session


    • Training Session Rescheduled
    • Updated Information to Join a Training Session
    • Updated Information to Register for a Training Session
    • Training Session Cancelled


    • Registration Notification to
    • Attendee Registration Pending
    • Attendee Registration Confirmed
    • Attendee Registration Rejected


    • Training Session Reminder emails to:
    • Notification to host

   3. When finished with selections modifications, click Update.

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Session Information and Materials

Agenda: Enter the session agenda in this text box.

Description: Enter a description of the session in this text box.

Graphics: You can add a single graphics file to be displayed on the Session Information page. Click Import Picture... and select the GIF or JPEG graphic file you want to import.

Display Quick Start: Check to display Quick Start information for the main and/or breakout session(s).

Course Material: To upload materials you want attendees to read before the class or have at the ready when the session begins, click Add Course Material and upload or select previously uploaded files you want to make available.

Tests: You can add a test to a session for delivery before, during, or after the session.

  • To add a test that you have already created and saved in the Test Library, click Add New Test.
  • To create a test, or to import from a polling questionnaire, schedule the session first. On the confirmation page that appears, select Add a Test.


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Save and Schedule

Save As Template: (Optional) Click to save this session’s options for future use. Select one of the following actions:

  • Schedule: To schedule the session and send email invitations.
  • Start Session: To begin the session immediately and send email invitations.


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