Training Center: Hands-on Lab - On-demand (WBS29.13, WBS30)

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Hands-on Lab allows you to connect participants in various geographical locations with remote computers set up as a virtual lab. Participants can connect to the computers within a training session or outside a session at times you have assigned.


In order to use Hands-on Lab, your site must be enabled for it. Computers are designated as lab computers and the Access Anywhere client is installed on the computers to connect them to the lab. Once the lab is set up, a host can schedule the lab computers for use. See Behind the Scenes at the end of this article.


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Scheduling Lab Computers

To start the scheduling process, navigate to your Training Center site and log in. Once you schedule the computers, you will be prompted to invite attendees to the lab sessions.


1. From the Training Center left navigation bar, under Host a Session, click Hands-On Lab.


2. From the Hands-On Lab tab, click Reserve Computers for the lab you want to schedule.


3. Specify your reservation options and click Reserve. If computers are unavailable, select View Lab Schedule to help you find an open time.

Note: You can proceed to inviting attendees immediately by clicking Invite Attendees or return to this step later as described below.


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Inviting Attendees

You invite attendees to the on-demand Hands-on Lab sessions by sending them an invitation email.

1. On the Hands-on Lab page, under the My Reservations tab, click On-demand use.

2. Click the session name topic, then click Invite Attendees.


3. Select from the following options:


Select Live SessionsSelect attendees to invite from an existing training session.
Invite AttendeesEnter the email addresses of the individuals you want to invite to the lab session.
Select AttendeesSelect contacts from an address book stored on your Training Center site.


4. Click OK.


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Connecting to Lab Computers

The invitation email message that attendees receive contains a Hands-on Lab key and a link that connects them with their session.

1. Locate the invitation email for the lab session.

2. During the scheduled lab time, click the link under To attend the session in your email.


3. From the On-demand Hands-on Lab Session Information page, click Attend Lab to connect with the computer.


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Working in the Lab

Once in the lab, attendees are connected to a specific application on the computer, or to the desktop of the computer with the ability to navigate anywhere on the system. This access is determined by the lab administrator who sets up the lab computer.


The attendee controls the session using the Sharing menu or the Hands-on Lab panel.



To access another application:

1. Click Sharing in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

2. Select Access Another Application, choose an application, then click OK.


Additional sharing commands:

  • Transfer file: allows you to transfer files that reside at any location on either the Hands-on Lab computer or on your local computer.
  • Remote computer: options include the ability to control the computer’s screen, mouse and keyboard, as well as the ability to automatically reconnect to the remote computer after a reboot.


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Ending the Lab Session

Sessions can be ended by the attendee or automatically end when the time limit is reached. Attendees receive a 5-minute warning before the session ends.

1. Click Leave Lab from the Hands-on Lab panel.

2. Click Yes to confirm. Your session ends.

Note: When the remaining time is less than 5 minutes, the Remaining time appears in red.


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Behind the Scenes

Before you can set up a Hands-on Lab, you must designate a person to act as lab administrator. The lab administrator is responsible for creating and maintaining the labs. The lab administrator is assigned this role in his or her user profile in Site Administration by checking the option labeled Training Center: Hands-on Lab Admin.


To create a Hands-on Lab:

1. Navigate to your lab administration page. For example,

2. Enter your user name and password and click Log In. The Manage Labs page appears.

3. Click Create New Lab and enter a name and optional description for your lab.

4. Click Add to have the lab name appear in the Manage Labs section.


To add computers to a Lab:

1. Physically go to a remote computer.

2. Navigate to your lab administration page and log in.

3. On the Manage Labs page, click the title of the lab for which you want to add computers.

4. Click Setup Computer and follow the steps for the WebEx Access Anywhere Wizard.


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