Support Center FAQs

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Where can I retrieve my username and password?         

If you can’t remember your username, try one of the following:

  • Your full email address
  • The first part of your email address before the domain (
  • If your organization uses Single Sign-On, your username will be the same as your network login.


If you can’t remember your password, click the ‘Forgot your password?’ link, then follow the prompts. You will receive an email from which you can reset your password.


WebEx Technical Support cannot reset your password. If you are unable to log in after following the steps above, contact your WebEx site administrator. You should be able to reach your site administrator through your organization’s computer support or IT department. Contact information for your WebEx site administrator may also be included in the password reminder email.


How do I join a session from a PC or Mac?        

If you have received an email to join a support session, click the link in the invitation. Or, open a provided web address in a browser. Complete the Pre-Session Form and click Submit.


How do I start a session?          

After you log in to Support Session, click Provide Support to expand the menu, then click Start Session. You can then invite customers to the session.


How do I share an application, a file, my desktop, or video during a session?       

While you are in a support session, click Remote Control, then select a Share View  option to allow the participant to see your desktop, an application, a file, web browser or web content.


Can I control a PC or Mac remotely during a session?    

While you are in a support session, click Remote Control, then select a Request Control option. When the session participant accepts the request, you can control their desktop, application or web browser using your keyboard and mouse.


How many support sessions can be conducted at once?

A maximum of 4 support sessions can be conducted simultaneously.  This number is controlled by a setting within the Site Administration page under the Remote Support section.


Can I record more than one support session at a time? 

Yes, you can record all support sessions open at the same time.


How do I show live video in a Support Center session?  

While you are in a support session, click the camera icon in the Floating Icon Tray. Then, click Start My Video and ask customers to do the same.

To end video sharing, click Stop My Video.