Add Shared Devices to a Place

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When people are at work, they congregate in any number of locations, including lunch rooms, lobbies, and conference rooms. Set up shared Cisco Spark devices in these places and promote productive collaboration.

You can register shared Cisco Spark devices to the Cisco Collaboration Cloud. Here are a few points to keep in mind:


    Only one type of device is supported in a single place. For example, you can add a desk phone or a Cisco Spark Room Device to a lobby, but not both.



    Only one room device can be added to a place.



    Up to ten desk phones can be added to a place.



    Shared desk phones support all available call features except voicemail and single number reach. Room devices only support basic calling functionality with a single line.


Whatever device you choose to add to a place, the device is assigned to the place, not a user. That's the key advantage of this feature: shared usage. For example, if you run a retail business with multiple departments, you can add multiple desk phones to each department. Your employees in any of those departments can access any of those phones. All call configurations you set up for one shared desk phone in a place are applied to all shared desk phones in that place.

Before You Begin


    If you're adding a room device to a place, decide what type of service you want to assign to that device. If you only want people to use the Cisco Spark app to make and receive calls, Cisco Spark only might be the right choice. If you want people to be able to make and receive calls on a room device (such as an SX10), you can choose Cisco Spark + Spark Call .



    After you add a Cisco Spark Calling phone number to a room device, there is a 24-hour delay before the room device caller ID is seen by others.



1    From the customer view in, go to Places, and then click Add Place.
2    Enter a name for the place (such as the name of the physical room), and then click Next.
3    Choose the type of device that you want to associate with this place, and then click Next.
4    If you chose a room device, assign a service, and then and click Next.
  • Choose Cisco Spark only (default) for Cisco Spark app and SIP address calling. Proceed to the last step.
  • Choose Cisco Spark + Spark Call (Cloud PSTN) to use Cisco Spark Calling to add PSTN service through a cloud preferred media provider. Assign a phone number and extension to the device, and then click Next.
5    Activate the device by using the code provided.