Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) Cloud Overview (WBS29.13, WBS30)

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Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) Cloud is an add-on for WebEx Meeting Center. It is an easy-to-use video conferencing service that pairs the cloud-based WebEx video bridge with WebEx meetings.


Two types of WebEx meetings include CMR Cloud:

  • Meetings in your Personal Room at a permanent address
  • Individually scheduled WebEx meetings at a changing address


Participants can join Personal Room CMR Cloud meetings using the permanent web and video addresses on your Personal Room page or meeting invitation. Or, they can join a scheduled CMR Cloud meeting at the changing web and video addresses in the meeting invitation. Participants can join from anywhere, using computers, mobile devices, and video conferencing applications.


Up to 25 video endpoints can join. Depending on your company's subscription, up to 500 additional video-enabled mobile and desktop users and 500 audio-only users can also attend, for a total of 1,025 participants.


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Video Addresses

A video address connects your video conferencing system or application to a video-enabled Personal Room or scheduled WebEx meeting. To start or join CMR Cloud meetings from a properly configured video conferencing system or application, you will need to dial a video address, also known as a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) string.


Video addresses have the following format:


If your video conferencing device cannot dial a full video address, your administrator can set up a pilot number for your organization—a number that replaces full video addresses. You can then use this number when starting or joining a CMR Cloud meeting.


Personal Room

If you have a CMR Cloud-enabled Personal Room, you have a virtual conference room at your disposal whenever you want it. You and your invitees enter your Personal Room using the same web address, video address, or call-in numbers each time.


Your Host PIN identifies you as the host when you start a CMR Cloud meeting in your Personal Room using a video conferencing system or application.


If you have not set your Host PIN, follow these steps.

1. Sign in to your WebEx site.

2. Select My WebEx > Preferences > My Personal Room.


3. Type your PIN, then click Save.


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You schedule CMR Cloud meetings just as you schedule other WebEx meetings:

  • Using the scheduling features on your WebEx site
  • Using WebEx Productivity Tools to schedule from Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes
  • Or, by pasting addresses for your Personal Room into meeting invitation


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Starting and Joining

You can start and join a CMR Cloud session from a computer or mobile device, or from a video conferencing device or application. All CMR Cloud sessions have a WebEx meeting web address and a video address. The web and video addresses are included in the meeting invitation that is sent when you schedule a meeting, enter your personal room, or invite additional attendees during a meeting.


Personal Room InvitationScheduled Meeting Invitation




  • Hosts using a computer start the meeting from their WebEx site, or from the link in the meeting invitation.
  • Hosts using a video conferencing device or application start the meeting by dialing the video address and entering the Host Key (for a scheduled WebEx meeting) or the Host PIN (for Personal Rooms).
  • Participants using a computer can join by clicking the meeting address, or from your Personal Room page on your WebEx site.
  • Participants joining from a mobile device join by starting their Cisco WebEx Meetings app, then tapping Join Meeting and entering the Personal Room meeting number provided in either the Personal Room email or the scheduled WebEx meeting email.
  • Participants joining from a video conferencing device or application dial the video address to join the meeting.


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  • To share content from a browser, click the Share button on the Quick Start page, then select from the list of options.
  • To share content from video conferencing equipment, you will need to connect an external device, such as a laptop, then share the content from the external device.
  • Participants who join using video conferencing equipment or applications, cannot see content shared from the WebEx Meeting Window using the Share File feature, whiteboards or annotations. Instead, they see a message indicating that the shared content cannot be displayed.


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