Meeting Center: Scheduling a Meeting with the Advanced Scheduler (WBS29.13, WBS30)

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The Advanced Scheduler is available after logging in to your WebEx site.


To open the Advanced Scheduler:

1. Click Host a Meeting > Schedule a Meeting on the left navigation bar of your WebEx Meeting Center site. Depending on options set by the Site Administrator, the Quick Scheduler page may open.


2. Click Advanced Scheduler. The Advanced Scheduler opens on the Required Information page.


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Required Information

1. Meeting type: Select an option from the drop-down. The available options are determined by which meeting types have been designated for the user account.

2. Meeting topic: Enter the topic for your meeting.

3. Clear the Listed on calendar checkbox to remove the meeting from the public calendar.

4. Select the Delete from My Meetings when completed checkbox to keep the meeting from being deleted automatically upon completion.

5. Meeting password: Enter a password for your meeting. Type the password again in the Confirm password box.

Note: If a password is not required, and you do not provide a password for the meeting, you will not be able to require registration for the meeting.

6. Click Next to advance to the next page of the Advanced Scheduler.


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Date and Time

1. Meeting date: Click in the box, then select the meeting date from the calendar.

2. Meeting time:

    • Select a start time for your meeting.
    • Verify that the meeting Time Zone is correct.
    • Select additional options from the following table.


[Current Time Zone] TimeChange the set time zone from the drop down list.

Plan meeting time zones

Select meeting time zones for the meeting and participants.

Use the Time Zone Planner to choose the best meeting time for everyone involved.

Attendees can join [X] minutes before start timeAllow attendees to join the meeting before the host.
The first attendee to join will be the presenterIf enabled in Site Administration, grants presenter privileges to the first person to join the meeting.
Attendees can also connect to audio conferenceAllow attendees to join the teleconference before the host.


3. Estimated duration: Select meeting duration in hours and minutes from the drop down.

4. Email reminder: From the drop-down, select if and when an email reminder should be sent to attendees.

5. Recurrence: Select a recurrence option and specify the frequency.

Note: You can change individual meetings in a series after the series has been scheduled, if necessary.


To change scheduling information an instance of a recurring meeting:

1. Select My WebEx > My Meetings.

2. Click the All Meetings tab.Your WebEx meetings are listed.


3. Locate the instance of the recurring meeting you want to change, then click the meeting topic. Information about the meeting you selected is displayed.


4. Click Edit. The Edit Recurring Meeting dialog appears.


5. Verify that Edit only this meeting is selected, then click OK. The Required Information page for the meeting appears.


6. Make your changes. For example, invite or remove attendees, or change the date and time of this occurrence.

Note: If you change the date and time for this occurrence, the new date and time you select must be later than the previous meeting in the series, and prior to the next meeting in the series.

7. When you have completed your changes, click Save Meeting. The Send updated meeting information dialog appears.


8. Indicate whether you want to send information about the changes you have made to invited attendees, then click OK. If you elected to notify attendees of the changes, they will receive an email.


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Audio Conference

Select conference type: Select audio conference options as described in the table below.


WebEx Audio

Use mixed- mode audio allowing attendees to talk using their telephone or computer (VoIP)

  • Display toll-free number: To provide a toll-free phone number (cost is incurred by the host).
  • Display global call-in numbers: To provide toll-free or local numbers for global attendees.
  • Entry and exit tone. Select an alert when someone joins or leaves a WebEx Audio meeting: Beep, Announce Name, No Tone.
Personal Conference NumberUse WebEx Audio with a PCN (if created). Select the account you want to use for your meeting (up to three can be created).
Other teleconference service *Use an alternative teleconference service. Include instructions, and enter phone number and pass code for the participants.
Use VoIP onlyJoin an audio conference using only a computer with speakers or headset (Voice over IP).
None *Disable audio teleconference. Call your participants directly or communicate instructions another way.

* If scheduling a CMR meeting, these audio options will not be displayed or available.


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Invite Attendees

  1. Attendees: Type the email addresses (separated by commas or semicolons) for your participants, or click Select Attendees to select from your address book.
  2. Select the Send a copy of the invitation email to me checkbox, if you wish to receive a copy of the invitation.
  3. Security:
    • Select Exclude password from email invitation if you do not want the password sent in the invitation.
    • Select Require attendees to have an account on this website in order to join this meeting to restrict access.


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Select None, if you do not require registration,


Select Require attendee registration to require attendees to register before attending the session.

Note: This option will not be available if you have not provided a password for the meeting on the Required Information page.

  • Select the Obtain detailed attendee information checkboxes for the information you wish to collect.
  • Select Automatically accept all registration requests if you want the system to accept each attendee registration without your approval.


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Agenda and Welcome

  1. Agenda: Type an agenda for your meeting.
  2. Info tab templates: Select a custom info tab.
  3. Automatically share presentation: Upload a file to display, and select a time interval to advance pages.



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Meeting Options

Choose from the options in the following table.


ChatAllow participants to chat during the meeting.


Note: Video options must be enabled for the site in order for them to appear here.

Choose from the following options:
  • Turn on high-quality video to support video up to 360p resolution.
  • Turn on high-definition video to allow HD video up to 720p resolution.
  • View video thumbnails to allow participants to switch from viewing the Participant List to video thumbnails of participants.
NotesPick one of the following note-taker options:
  • Allow all participants to take notes, and save to their computers.
  • Single note taker. The host is the default note-taker but may designate another participant during the meeting.
Enable closed captioningAllow the closed captionist to transcribe notes during the meeting.

Note: By default, the host is the closed captionist, but they can designate another participant.

File transferAllow the presenter to publish files that attendees can download during a meeting.


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Attendee Privileges

Privileges allow attendees to perform certain actions during the meeting. Select privileges by turning the checkboxes on.



SaveSave any shared documents, presentations, or whiteboards that appear in their content viewers.
PrintPrint any shared documents, presentations, or whiteboards that appear in their content viewers.
AnnotateHighlight, write, and draw on shared documents, presentations, and whiteboards in their content viewers using their Drawing Tools panel. An attendee's annotations are visible to all participants.
View participant listSee the names of all meeting participants in the Participants list, instead of just the host and attendees.
View thumbnails

Display miniatures of pages, slides, or whiteboards in any document, presentation, or whiteboard that appear in their content viewers.

Note: Attendees with this privilege cannot display a miniature at full size unless they also have the View any page privilege.

Control applications, web browser or desktop remotelyRequest that the presenter grant them remote control of a shared application, web browser, or desktop.
View any documentView any document, presentation, or whiteboard that appears in the content viewer, and navigate to any pages or slides in documents or presentations.
View any page

View any page, slide, or whiteboard that appears in the content viewer. This privilege allows attendees to navigate independently through pages, slides, or whiteboards.

Contact operator privately

Dial 00 at any time during a teleconference to contact the operator for the teleconferencing service.

Available only if your site includes the private operator option.

Participate in private chat with:Send private chat messages to another participant. Private chat messages appear only in the recipient's Chat viewer.
  • Host: Chat privately with the meeting host.
  • Presenter: Chat privately with only the presenter.
  • Other participants: Chat privately with other participants.


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1. Review the information you entered for your meeting.


2. Click a number on the right side to change any of the specified information or settings.

3. Click Schedule Meeting, if meeting date is set in the future. The Meeting Scheduled page appears.


Click Start.

4. Optionally, click Add to My Calendar to open iCalendar file and save it to your Outlook or Lotus Notes calendar.

5. Click OK to return to the Browse Meetings page.


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