WebEx Integration to Lotus Notes for Windows Overview

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WebEx Integration to IBM Lotus Notes for Windows


WebEx integration to IBM Lotus Notes provides a convenient way for you to quickly start, add, or join WebEx online meetings from Lotus Notes, without the need to use your WebEx site.


WebEx integration to Lotus Notes is part of WebEx Productivity Tools. Your site administrator may have installed WebEx Productivity Tools for you. If not, you can download WebEx Productivity Tools from your WebEx site.


The Productivity Tools panel or some of the Productivity Tools options may not be available, depending on your site settings.


Once WebEx Productivity Tools are installed, WebEx options for starting or adding meetings appear in Lotus Notes.


Before you use WebEx Integration to Lotus Notes, ensure that:


    You have a user account on your WebEx site.



    The WebEx Integration to Lotus Notes option for WebEx Productivity Tools is supported on your WebEx site.





Lotus Notes is not currently supported in the Mac version of WebEx Productivity Tools.


WebEx Integration to Lotus Notes Options

WebEx integration to Lotus Notes provides the following options from within Lotus Notes:

  • Meet Now: Starts an instant meeting (available only for Meeting Center and Training Center). This is a meeting that you can start at any time, without having to schedule the meeting in advance. You can specify options for instant meetings on the “Meet Now” Settings tab of the WebEx Settings dialog box.


  • Preferences: Specify your WebEx user account information—that is, the URL of your WebEx site and your username and password. You can also specify more options in the WebEx Settings dialog box, such as options for instant meetings.


  • Meeting Templates: Lets you view templates that you or your site administrator saved on your WebEx site. The templates contain meeting settings. You can select the template that meets your needs. Meeting templates are available only if site administration settings allow hosts to use templates for Lotus Notes.


  • Set Scheduling Permission: Opens the My WebEx Profile page on which you can assign a delegate to schedule or edit meetings on your behalf.


  • Go to WebEx Site: Opens your WebEx site.


  • Help: Lets you look up instructions for using the WebEx integration to Lotus Notes.


  • About: Lets you view the version number and license and patent information about the WebEx integration to Lotus Notes.



WebEx Productivity Tools Panel Overview

The WebEx Productivity Tools panel may already be open on your desktop, depending on your settings. If it is not open, you can open it by doing the following:

  • Select the WebEx Productivity Tools icon from the Windows taskbar.


  • Select WebEx Productivity Tools from the Windows Start menu.


  • Select WebEx Productivity Tools from your Windows desktop.



The WebEx Productivity Tools Panel provides access to the following:

  • Settings: Select the Settings icon to open a menu with the following features:


    • Preferences: Opens the Preferences dialog box for WebEx Productivity Tools.


    • Help: Opens the Help Central website.


    • About: Displays the version number and license and patent information.


    • Check for Updates: Checks whether you are using the latest version of Productivity Tools or if an updated version is available for download.


    • Send Problem Report: Prepares an email message for you to send to support to report a problem.


    • Exit: Select to exit WebEx Producitvity Tools.


  • Search for a meeting: Select the Search icon to open a search window where you can enter a name, email address, meeting number, keyword, or meeting title to search for a meeting.


  • Schedule a meeting: Select the Schedule icon to open the Microsoft Outlook Meeting window and schedule a WebEx, Personal Room, or Personal Conference meeting.


  • Start a meeting: Select Start Meeting to start an instant meeting. By default, instant meetings are held in your Personal Room. If you don’t want to use your Personal Room for instant meetings, turn off the Use Personal Room for all my instant meetings option in the "Meet Now" Settings section of your Preferences


  • View your My Meetings list: Select more to view your upcoming meetings for the day. From the My Meeting list you can do the following:
    • You can select Start or Join to start or join your meeting when it is time.


    • Use the < or > characters to move to the next or previous day


    • Select the Calendar icon to choose a different day to view.


    • Select the Refresh meeting list to refresh the meeting list.



    Personal Room meetings and meetings created on other WebEx sites do not appear on the My Meetings list.