Domain Verification for Partners

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About Domain Verification


You can add and verify your domain to ensure the security and integrity of your organization. To verify domains, we provide a token to add to your domain host's DNS TXT record, and to confirm that you own the domain, we check for this token on the DNS server.


When you use Hybrid Call Service Aware and Hybrid Call Service Connect you must verify your domains.


You are forced to verify in a particular order to prevent administrator lockout. For example, you must add the administrator domain first, followed by all the other domains.

Add and Verify Domains

Before You Begin 

    You must own a domain for it to be verifiable.



    For Hybrid Call Service Aware and Hybrid Call Service Connect, verify domains that are contained in your on-premises email addresses and directory URIs.


1    From the customer view in, go to Settings and under Domains click Add Domain.
2    Enter your domain name and click Add.
3    Click more beside your domain and choose Retrieve verification token.
4    Copy the verification token into your DNS TXT record and add the prefix: ciscocidomainverification=<token>    

If your DNS host supports only one TXT record, add the token on a separate line. If your DNS host supports multiple records, add your token on a single line in its own TXT record.

5    Add the DNS TXT record to your DNS server or if your DNS server is configured by an administrator, send the DNS TXT record to your administrator to add to your DNS server.
6    Click Verify next to each domain.  

If the verification fails, the error is cached by your DNS server. Your DNS server clears the cache after the specified length of time in the Time To Live (TTL) setting. You must wait to try again after the DNS server has cleared the cache. You can add the verification token again and request the verification for the domain.

If the verification token is found and matched, the domain status changes to verified.

    You can claim this domain by contacting support. This ensures that only users with this domain can join your organization.



    You can convert users to licensed users in your organization.


What to Do Next


After you claim a domain, other organizations may continue to have users with this domain. To exclusively claim the domain, contact support. Users with a different domain must change their email to join your organization. Users on this domain can't join other organizations.


You can convert users to licensed users in your organization.