Event Center: Managing Event Registration (WBS29.13, WBS30)

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For security reasons, or to limit the number of attendees, you can require that participants register before they join your event. You can manually approve all registrants, customize the registration form, and run reports after an event. Additionally, if the event is part of a program, attendees can register for multiple events.


Set Registration Requirements

Navigate to the scheduling page on your Event Center site and follow these steps to set registration requirements.

  1. Under Basic Information select Registration: Required checkbox.
  2. Scroll to the Attendees & Registration section.
  3. Maximum number of registrants: Enter a number to limit the number of attendees.
  4. Destination URL after registration: Leave blank, or specify the Web page that displays once an attendee submits the registration form.
  5. Registration ID Required: Select Yes to limit attendance to people who are invited to register.
  6. Registration Password: Select Yes to require attendees to enter a password at registration, and then enter it in the field. (Note that this is not the same as the event password.)
  7. Approval Required: Select Yes if you want to limit which registration requests are approved or rejected based on criteria you specify. For example, you can automatically reject registration requests from a competitor. Then:
    • Click Set up approval rules.
    • In the Approval Rules window, select parameters from the drop-downs and type the words included in the rule.
    • Click Add Rule for each rule you want to create.
    • Click Save when finished.


Customizing the Registration Form:

You can add both optional and required questions to your registration form.  You can customize the registration form by adding

  • Standard questions: simply click the checkboxes to select or deselect these. 
  • My Custom Questions: these can be displayed as text boxes, option buttons, and drop-down lists.


Adding Standard Questions:

  1. Scroll to the Attendees & Registration section of the Schedule an Event page.
  2. Click the link next to the Registration form. The Customize Registration Questions window displays.
  3. In the Standard Questions section, click the questions you want to include in or remove from the registration form. To require attendees to answer specific questions, select the check box in the R column.
  4. Click Save.


Adding Custom Questions:

To add a custom question, in the My Custom Questions section, click on the type of question you want to add.

  • Text Box: You can set both the number of lines and the number of characters.
  • Check Boxes, Option Buttons, and Drop-Down List: You can specify default choices and scores for questions.


     Note: By assigning lead scores to attendees registration responses, you can view the most qualified leads in the Attendee List during the event, and identify attendees who should be given priority. When attendees click the registration link in their invitation email, the registration page opens and displays your customized form. Once they complete the questions and click Submit, their information will appear in the event registration queue where their request can be approved or rejected.


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Manage Registrations

You can manage attendees’ registration requests by doing the following:

  • Automatically approve registration requests. Your site administrator must set up this option for you.
  • Manually approve or reject registration requests if you required approval when scheduling or editing the event.
  • Send email messages to registrants about their registration status (pending, approved, or rejected).
  • Send reminder email messages to attendees whose registrations have been approved.


Assigning a Status to Registration Requests:

    1. Log in to your Event Center site.

    2. Click My WebEx > My Meetings. The My WebEx Meetings page appears and shows the number of requests that are pending, accepted, and rejected for each scheduled event.

My meetings page with event scheduled.png


   3. Find the event and then click the link (the number beneath the icon).


Pending requests icon.pngPending requests
Approved requests icon.pngApproved requests
Rejected request icon.pngRejected requests


The Manage Registrations page displays the tab for the requests you have selected.  

       Registration requests page.png  

   4. Click on a tab to view Pending, Approved, Rejected, or All registrations.

   5. Select the name of each person you want to apply a status for, and then click Accept, Reject, or Pending to assign a status. Note that you can change the status at any time before the event begins.


Sending Email Reminders to Registrants:

  1. Log in to your Event Center site.
  2. Click My WebEx > My Meetings.
  3. Click the name of the event for which you want to send reminder emails. The Event Information page appears.
  4. Click Send Emails. The Send Event Emails page displays.
  5. Select the group you want to send email reminders to, and then click Send Now... or Send Later.


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