Training Center: Launching and Scoring Tests (WBS29.13, WBS30)

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Tests can be launched before, during, or after a training session. Pre- and Post-session tests are launched from a website automatically while the in-session test is launched by the instructor.

Training Center automatically checks attendees’ answers against the specified correct answers then scores the results. A test that contains no essay questions will be automatically scored and attendees can view test results as soon as they submit their answers.


A test that contains essay questions must be manually scored and attendees receive a notice informing them that they can visit the session information page later to see the score.


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Launching Tests


To launch a test in a session:

1. Click on the Testing Panel. A list of in-session tests appears.

Testing Panel with Test Displayed.png


2. Select the test you want to launch and click Launch for All. The Manage Test page appears.

Manage Test.png


4. Click Start Test. The Test Delivery dialog appears.

Test Delivery.png


To end a test:

Click End Test Now.


If the test has a time limit, it will end automatically.


You can view and score answers immediately or return to the Training Session page and view scores from the Manage Test page.


Pre-session and post-session tests:

  • Scheduled with Deliver this test on the website option.
  • Start automatically.
  • Can be taken anytime within the specified time frame.
  • Participants can receive an email reminder about test start times.


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Scoring and Grading

To score a test:

1. Navigate to your Session Information page and scroll down to the Test section.

2. Select the test you want to score or view then click Manage. The Student Answers page appears.

Student Test Answer Submitted count.png


3. Click on View and Score Answers. The Submitted Tests page appears.

Submitted Tests.png


4. Click Score Answers. The Score Submitted Answers page appears.

5. Specify the score for each essay question; all other answers are scored automatically.

6. Click Save.


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