Training Center: Scheduling a Test (WBS29.13, WBS30)

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To test attendees you must add the test to your Training Center session. Registration must be enabled before you can add a test to a session.

You can add a test to a training session using any of the following methods:

  • Copy an existing test from the Test Libraryadd a test by copying questions from an existing test in the Test Library. (WebEx recommends this method.)
  • Create a testcreate a test with new test questions from scratch.
  • Import test questions from a saved test or poll questionnaireadd a test by importing questions from an.atp file that was created using the Testing & Polling feature.


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Adding a Test


To add an existing test from the Test Library:

1. Click Add a Test from the Session Scheduled page.

Scheduled Session page with Add a Test link.png

The Add Test page appears.

Add Tests from Library.png

2. Choose a method for adding a test.

3. If you selected Copy (as in the example above), the Select from Test Library dialog appears.

Select Test from Library page.png

4. Select a test from the list, then click Next.

5. Make any necessary changes to the test, then click Save. The Test Delivery Options dialog appears.

Test Delivery Options page.png

6. Select the appropriate Delivery Method and other delivery options, then click Save.


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Managing Tests


To make changes to a test:

1. Navigate to your Session information page and scroll down to the Test section.

2. Select the test you want to change and click Manage. The Manage Test dialog appears.

Manage Test.png

3. Click the appropriate button for the changes you want to make.

4. If you are prompted to save any changes, click Save.

5. Click Go Back to return to the Session Information page.


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