Training Center: Communicating with Participants (WBS29.13, WBS30)

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Participants Panel

The Participants panel enables you to view the list of all participants in a training session. Feedback tools allow participants to give non-verbal feedback to the presenter during a training session. You can also use the Chat and Q&A panels to communicate.



Feedback Tools:

The feedback tools are located at the bottom of the participant's panel.



Raise hand to get presenter's attention. The Raise Hand icon appears next to your name.

Note: Only the host or presenter can see the order in which a hand was raised.

Check_Mark_icon.pngIndicate Yes.
X_icon.pngIndicate No.
Slow_down_icon.pngIndicate that you would like the presenter to slow down.
Speed_up_icon.pngIndicate that you would like the presenter to speed up.
Emoticon_icon.pngSelect an emoticon. The emoticon you select appears next to your name.
View_Feedback_icon.pngSee feedback results.
Clear_Feedback_icon.pngClear feedback results.


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Chat Panel

Use the chat panel to communicate with participants during a session.



To sent a chat message:

1. Click Send to, then select who you want to send the chat message to.

2. Click the chat box and type your message, then click Send.

Note: By default, only the presenter and panelists have privileges to chat with all participants publicly or privately.


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Q&A Panel

If the Q&A panel is not active, click Q&A above the Participants panel.


To as a questions as an attendee:

1. Click Ask in the Q&A panel, then select the person you want to answer your question.

2. Type your question in the box below the Ask menu.

3. Click Send. Your question is sent, and also appears in the Q&A panel.



To answer a question:

1. Click the question you want to answer.

2. Type your answer in the box above the Send button.

3. Click Send. Your answer appears below the question in the Q&A panel.


To answer a question privately:

1. Click the question you want to answer, then click Send Privately. The Respond Privately dialog is displayed.


2. Choose one of the following options.

    • Type your answer in the Response box.
    • To respond to the question without answering it, click Dismiss. The standard dismissal message appears in the Response box. Select Customer to provide your own dismissal response.
    • To defer answering the question until later, click Defer. The standard deferral message appears the Response box. Select Custom to provide your own deferral response.

3. Click Send.


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