Training Center: Managing Registration (WBS29.13, WBS30)

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For added security, or to tailor your training session to a specific audience, you can require attendees to register before the session. Selecting this option allows you to view a list of attendees and gather basic information about them before they can join the training. You also have the option of automatically accepting all requests, or choosing to accept or reject individual registration requests.


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Setting Registration Requirements


To set registration requirements:

1. On the scheduling page, under Registration, click Require attendee registration. The registration options appear.


2. Optionally, select Automatically approve all registration requests. If you do not select this option, you must manually approve each attendee's registration request before they can join the session.

3. Enter the password that attendees must provide at registration by typing it in the Set registration password and Confirm registration password text boxes.

Note: This is not the same as the session password.  Specify a registration password only if you want to limit registrants to those whom you invite to register.

4. Registration close date: Specify a date and time, including days, hours and minutes before the session starts, after which you will no longer accept registration requests, or choose None.

5. Maximum registrations allowed: Specify a maximum number of registration requests. Leave the box blank for unlimited registrations.

6. Allow waitlist signup: If you specified a maximum number of registrations, select whether to allow attendees to register for a waitlist. Select whether to automatically register the first attendee in the waitlist, or register from the waitlist manually.

7. Specify whether attendees can cancel registration. Select Not allowed, or enter the number of days, hours and minutes before the session starts that an attendee can cancel registration.


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Customizing the Registration Form

The default registration form contains the name and email address fields only. You can customize the registration form and ask attendees to provide more information by including additional standard fields or by creating custom fields.


To add options:

You can choose options to add as optional or required fields on the registration form.

1. Scroll to the Registration section of the scheduler and click Customize form. The Customize Registration form dialog is displayed.


2. In the Standard Options section, click the fields you want to include on the registration form. To require attendees to provide specific information, select the check box in the R column.

3. If you want to add custom options, select the type of field you want to add from the My Custom Options section.

    • Text Box: Provide the field name and set dimensions or the number of characters.
    • Check Box, Radio Buttons, Drop- Down List: Enter the field name, possible choices, and defaults.

4. When you have completed your customization, click OK.

When attendees click the registration link in their invitation email, the registration page opens and displays your customized form. Once they complete the form and click Submit, their request will appear in the session registration queue where where you can approve or reject it--unless you have selected automatic approval.



To save your customized registration form for reuse:

1. When you've completed your customization, click Save As. The Save Registration Form dialog appears.


2. Type a description for the customized form, then click Save. The form will be available for use, or further customization.


To use a saved form:

1. In the Customize Registration Form dialog, select the form you want to use from the Based on Form list.

2. Click Load.

3. Make any additional changes, if necessary, then click OK.


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Managing Registration Requests

You can manage attendees’ registration requests by doing the following:

  • Automatically approve registration requests by selecting the corresponding check box during scheduling.
  • Manually approve or reject registration requests if you required approval when scheduling or editing the session.
  • Send email messages to registrants about their registration status (pending, approved, or rejected).
  • Send reminder email messages to attendees whose registrations have been approved.


To assign a status to registration requests:

1. Log in to your Training Center site.

2. Click My WebEx > My Meetings. The My WebEx Meetings page appears and shows the number of requests that are pending, accepted, and rejected for each scheduled session.


3. Find the session, then click the number beneath the appropriate icon to view pending, accepted, or rejected registration requests. The Manage Registration page displays the tab for the requests you have selected.


4. Click a tab to view Pending, Approved, Rejected, or All registrations.

Note: You can change an attendee's registration status at any time. To do so, select the attendee's name in the list, then click the appropriate button.


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Generating a Registration Report

You can view registration information for any of the live training sessions you are hosting.


To generate a report:

1. Log in to your WebEx service Web site, then click My WebEx.

2. Click My Reports. The My Reports page is displayed.


3. Click Registration Report.

4. Specify your search criteria, such as a date range for which you want to view report data.

5. Click Display Report.


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