Meeting Center: Navigate the Meeting Window (WBS29.13, WBS30)

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The WebEx Meeting Window is similar to a conference room where people meet in person. The Meeting window tools allow the host to manage the meeting, while providing the environment where participants can view the meeting materials and collaborate.


The WebEx Meeting window has three main areas that you will use to control your meeting environment: the menu toolbar, the panels, and the content viewer.

Content Viewer with Labels.png

Menu Toolbar: Allows access to Meeting Center tools and functions.

Panels: Provides areas for chat, polling, Q&A, participants’ information and video streaming, as well as the meeting recording tools.

Content Viewer: Displays presentations, documents, video files, whiteboards, and Web content.


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Menu Toolbar

When you join the meeting, the Meeting window opens. The Menu Toolbar is located at the top of the page and it allows you to access the commands that control your meeting environment.

Click a menu option to open a pull down menu and make a selection.


From the Menu Toolbar you can share meeting content, join the audio conference, manage participant roles and privileges, control the recording, and end the meeting as needed.


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Meeting Panels

Panels are located on the right side of the Meeting window. Dedicated panels enable you to manage and interact with participants, control video streaming, start and stop recording, and more.


To open the panel during a meeting:

Click the panel icon in the Icon tray at the top of the Panels.

Panels Menu for Navigate the Meeting Window.png


If the panel icon is not displayed on the icon tray, select Manage Panels from the Panels menu, then select the panel from the Available panels and click Add.

The panel is added to the Current panels and will be displayed in the Meeting Window.


Panels dialog.png



Panels can be expanded or collapsed by right-clicking the panel’s title bar and selecting from the menu.

Control panel menu.png


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Content Viewer

The Content Viewer is where meeting materials can be shared with participants during a WebEx meeting. Different types of content that could be shared include presentations, documents, video files, applications, whiteboards, web content and more.


You can access options for sharing content during your meeting from the Share menu on the Menu Toolbar.

Share Dropdown Menu.png


Select...To share...
My Screen
The contents displayed on your computer monitor. If you have more than one monitor, choose the one you want to share.
File (including Video)…A file on your computer in the Content Viewer.
ApplicationAn application on your computer.
WhiteboardA whiteboard and annotation tools.
Web ContentA website that attendees can navigate.
Web BrowserA website that attendees can view.
Remote ComputerA remote computer the presenter can share with participants.
My Meeting WindowYour entire meeting window.


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Annotation Toolbar

The Annotation Toolbar lets participants annotate files and whiteboards shared during a meeting. To enable or disable annotation privileges, click Allow to Annotate, then select a participant’s name.

Content Viewer with Annotation Toolbar.png


To show or hide the Annotation toolbar, click Show/Hide at the top of the toolbar.


Icons in the top right corner of the Content Viewer control how the presentation is displayed.


Zoon in and out icons.pngZoom in and out of the displayed content.
Fit shared document to width icon.pngFit the displayed content to the width of the content viewer.
Full-screen icon.pngDisplay the shared content in full-screen mode.



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Full-screen Mode

Click the arrow in the upper right corner of the Meeting Window to switch the presentation display to the Full Screen viewing mode.

Full screen mode.png


Shared content will fill whole screen and the controls will be available on the Meeting Control Panel.


Control Panel 2.png

  • Participants can click Return to leave the full screen mode.
  • Presenters can click Stop Sharing to go back to the Meeting window.


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