Event Center: Create a Post-Event Survey (WBS29.13, WBS30)

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Creating a Survey

With Event Center, you can create a survey that attendees complete after the event is over.


To create a survey while scheduling an event:

     1.   Log in to Event Center.

     2.   Click Schedule Event. The Schedule an Event page appears.

     3.   Complete the scheduling information, then scroll down to the Event Description & Options section.

     4.   Click Create post-event survey. The create survey page appears.

Create Survey Page -  Blank.png

     5.   Enter a Survey Name.

     6.   Click Add if you want to places images in the survey's header and/or footer.

     7.   Enter Introductory Text, either HTML or plain text.

     8.   Under Survey Questions, click the type of questions you want to add:

      • Text Box
      • Check Boxes
      • Option Buttons
      • Drop-Down List
      • My Survey Questions (to add questions you have created for previous surveys)

     9.   After you have created your questions, click Ok - Use This Survey. The Event Scheduler appears.

     10. Scroll down to the Event Description & Options section to view the view-survey options.

Create Survey Page -  After survey is created.png

     11. Select one of the following:

      • Do not display survey to attendee: The survey you created will not be displayed after the scheduled event.
      • Display survey in pop-up window: Specifies that this survey will display in a separate window when the event ends.
      • Display survey in main browser window (instead of destination URL): Specifies that the survey will display in the main window, not in s separate window.


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Viewing the Results of a Survey

After the event is over, you can generate an Event Center attendance report, attendee history report, or event recording report.

     1. Click My WebEx > My Reports. The My WebEx Reports appears.

Reports page.png

2. Under Event Center, click Attendance Report, Attendee History Report, or Event Recording Report.

3. Enter the date range, then click Display Report. The survey results appear.



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