Event Center: Prepare for Your Event

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Scheduling the Event


Check that you:

  1. Complete each section of the "Schedule an Event Page" well in advance so that the event is set up well in advance.
  2. Track who has registered, if registration is required, and send reminders to those who have not.
  3. Set the date and time to send reminder email messages for the event.
  4. Develop any surveys and polls that you will use during the event so that they are ready to use.


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Working with the Presentation Team


Coordinate with the presentation team:

  1. Inform panelists and presenters who will be part of the presentation team, and make sure they receive invitations.
  2. Conduct a dry run of the event before it begins so that each person on the team is familiar with the information.
  3. Practice "handing off" the presenter control so that everyone is comfortable with how it functions.
  4. Decide when in the event the team will launch polls and other material used in the event.
  5. Determine who will monitor the Q&A panel, and how questions will be addressed during the event.


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Getting Ready to Start the Event


Double-check the details:

  1. Verify that all pending registrations requests are accepted.
  2. Start any applications that you intend to share, then minimize their windows.
  3. Check that your video and audio work properly.
  4. Assign appropriate chat privileges for attendees.
  5. Confirm that the appropriate poll is displayed.
  6. Set up the recorder and be ready to start it when the event begins.

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