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This article covers the basic functions you will use to schedule or attend a Training Center session from your Apple computer. Also included here are instructions for using the most common tools available during your sessions..

Other Training Center articles, while not Mac-specific, provide more in-depth information.


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Schedule a Session

To schedule a session, you must, at a minimum, complete the Session and Access Information on the session scheduler.


To schedule a session:

  1. Log in to your Training Center site and click Schedule Training on the left navigation bar.
  2. Complete the Session and Access Information.
  3. Select the Audio Conference Settings.
  4. Specify a Date and Time, including any different time zones for attendees.
  5. Click Schedule.

Optionally, you can assign breakout sessions, reserve hands-on computer labs, select the types of email messages you want to send, and upload course material and tests.


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Start a Session

The host must start the session before other attendees can join.


To start a session:

1. Log in to your organization’s Training Center site and click My WebEx on the top navigation bar. A list of sessions appears.

TC My WebEx Meetings.png

2. Locate the session from the list and click Start. The session window opens.


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Join a Session

When hosts schedule sessions, they send an email to invited attendees with the information on how to join. You can also join the session from your WebEx site.


To join a session:


From an email

1. Open your invitation message, and then click the link to join the meeting. The Session Information page appears.

2. Under Join Session Now, enter your name, email address, and the session password.

3. Click Join Now. You are connected to the session.

From a WebEx site

1. Open a web browser and navigate to the WebEx site.

2. Click Live Sessions under Attend a Session on the left navigation bar. A list of sessions appears.

Note: To join an unlisted session, in the left navigation bar, click Unlisted Sessions. Enter the session number, then click Join Now.

3. Click the name of the session. The Session Information page appears.

4. Enter your name, email address, and the session password.

5. Click Join Now.


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Connect to the Audio Conference

Participants can choose to connect to the audio conference with either a telephone or a computer through VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).


To connect by phone:

After you join the session, from the Audio Conference window, select a phone option and follow the steps in the table below.


Call me at a new number

1. Select the check box Remember phone number on this computer if you would like to store this number for future sessions.

2. Click Call Me. You will receive a call and may be prompted to press 1 to connect.

Call Me <stored number>Click Call Me. You will receive a call and may be prompted to press 1 to connect.
I will call in

1. Dial the phone number listed, enter the session access code, then enter your attendee ID #. You will be connected.

2. Close the window.


To join using your computer:

1. Under Use Computer for Audio, click Call Using Computer. You are connected to the audio conference.

2. Adjust your speaker and microphone settings as needed.


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Navigate the Session Window

The session window is similar to a conference room where people meet in person. This is also where the session is managed and material is shared. The menu items at the top of the page allow access to additional Training Center functions.

TC Session Window with menu bar 3.png

Content Viewer: Displays presentations, documents, video files, whiteboards, and Web content.

Panels: Provides areas for chat, polling, Q&A, names of participants, and the recorder.

Menu Toolbar: Allows access to Training Center tools and functions.

Annotation Toolbar: Lets participants annotate files and whiteboards shared during a session.


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Use the Participants Panel

The Participants panel will display the names of the host, and panelists, and attendees.

Icons in and below the Participants panel let you control your audio and video, as well as to interact with other attendees. If you are the meeting host, some functions are available by right-clicking with your mouse.

TC Participants_Panel.png


In the Participants panel:


Click this...To do this...

Start_Video_icon.png Stop_Video_icon.png

Start/stop sending your video.
Mute_Audio_icon.png Unmute_Audio_icon.pngMute/unmute your audio.
Switch_to_Full-screen_icon.pngSwitch to full-screen video.



On the icon bar beneath the Participants panel:


Click this...To do this...
Raise_Hand_icon.pngRaise/lower your hand.
Yes-No_icons.pngAnswer yes or no.
View-Clear_Feedback_icons.pngView/clear feedback.
Faster-Slower_icons.pngRequest the presenter to go faster/slower.
Make_Presenter_button.pngMake the selected participant the presenter.
Audio_button.pngControl your audio connection.
List-Thumbnail_Video_icon.pngChange how video images appear on your screen (List or Thumbnail).
Set_Video_Options_icon.pngSet the video options from your computer.
Invite-Remind_icon.pngInvite and remind others to join (available to the host only).


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Share Content

You can access options for sharing content during your session from the Share menu.



Select...To share...
My DesktopYour computer’s desktop.
File (including Video)…A file on your computer in the Content Viewer.
ApplicationAn application on your computer.
WhiteboardA whiteboard and annotation tools.
Web ContentA website that attendees can navigate.
Web BrowserA website that attendees can view.
MultimediaAudio or video files that reside at a web address (URL).
My Session WindowYour entire session window.


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Use Annotation Tools

You can annotate files and whiteboards that you share during a session. If you grant permissions, attendees can use both text and graphics tools to highlight, add notes, and create basic images. Then, all documents can be saved and distributed.



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Use Video

The current presenter can always send video during a session. Up to five panelists can be given permission to share their video during a session. You can change an attendee’s role to panelist if you want them to share their video.


To start and stop your video:

Click the camera icon in the Participants panel. The icon turns green, and your video feed appears at the top of the Participants panel. Click the camera icon again to stop your video.


Video options

You can control video settings, as well as switch between cameras connected to your computer, by clicking the Set Video Options icon beneath the Participants panel.


Thumbnail view

To see the thumbnail images of other panelists’ video, click the view icon, then select Thumbnails.


Full Screen Mode

You can expand the video image to full-screen mode by clicking the active speaker icon on the Participants panel. To exit full-screen mode, click Exit Full-Screen.


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Use the Recorder

The Network-Based Recorder captures screen activity and audio on a WebEx recording server. The server processes your recorded data, and then sends the recording file to your personal recordings folder on your WebEx service site. Recorded files are saved in the Advanced Recording Format (.arf), a proprietary WebEx format.


To use the recorder:

1. Start your session.

2. If the Quick Start page is displayed, click Record. Or, on the Session menu, select Start Recording.

Note: The Recorder panel can also be opened by clicking the Recorder icon on the icon tray below the Participants panel.

3. Once a connection is established, the Recorder Panel opens and recording begins.


4. Click the Pause button when you want to stop recording briefly, and click it again to re-start.

5. Click the Stop button to end the recording completely. You are prompted to confirm that you want to stop recording.

Note: A new recording is created each time you stop recording and start again. If you pause and resume recording using the Pause button, only one recording is created.

6. Navigate to My WebEx > My Files > My Recordings to access your recordings after the session ends.


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Use Polls

The Polling feature allows the host or presenter to conduct a survey or questionnaire with attendees during a WebEx session. You can create, edit, and save a poll using the Polling panel within a WebEx session.


To open the polling panel:

1. If the Polling Panel is not displayed, click the gear icon, then Manage Panels. The Manage Panels window appears.

2. Select Polling under Available panels, and then click Add >>.

3. Click OK to close the window The Polling panel appears beneath the other available panels.



To create a poll:

1. Open the Polling panel.

2. Click the Add New Question icon, and then type a question. Click outside of the question to save it, and repeat this step for each question

3. Click the Add an Answer icon, and then type the answer. Click outside the answer to add another answer, and repeat this step until all answers are entered.

4. Click on Click here to change question type to display your choices for answer format.

    • Multiple choice: Single Answer displays as radio buttons and allows only one selection; Multiple Answers displays as check boxes and allows more than one selection.
    • Short answer: Displays a text box and allows attendees to type an answer.

5. For a multiple-choice question, select the correct answer and click the Mark Answer as Correct checkmark icon.

6. Optional steps. You may select Record individual responses to view and/or share each participant’s responses in the poll results, and click Options to modify or disable the default 5-minute time limit set for the poll.

7. Use the table to determine your next step:


To...Do this...
Save the poll for use in the future

1. Click the Save icon on the polling toolbar. The Save Poll Questions As window appears.

2. Type a name for the file in the File Name box and click Save.

Administer the pollFollow the steps outlined below, in “Administer a Poll.”


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Administer a Poll

You must open a poll before it can be administered.


To access a poll saved on your computer:

1. Click the Open icon on the polling toolbar. The Open Poll Questions window opens.

2. Navigate to the proper folder and select the poll file (.atp extension).

3. Click Open. The poll opens.


To conduct and close the poll:

1. At the bottom of the Polling panel, click Open Poll. The poll opens in the attendee Polling panel and is available for input.

2. Click Close Poll to end the poll if you haven’t set a time limit or if you want to end it before the time is up.


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Share Poll Results

After administering your poll to attendees, you can choose to share the results with them.


To share poll results:

1. In the Share with attendees section, select one or more options:


Option...Select this option to share...
Poll results…the Results statistics and Bar Graph for each question in the attendee’s Polling panel.

Individual results

(available if you select Record Individual responses when creating the poll)

…all attendees’ answers as well as the correct answers to each question with everyone.

Correct answers

(available if you select Mark as Correct when creating the poll)

…a checkmark to the left of each correct answer within the attendees’ Polling panel.
Individual’s grades…each attendee’s percentage of correct answers at the bottom of the polling panel.


2. Click Apply. The results are displayed for attendees.


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End or Leave a Training Session

Only the host can end a session, while attendees can leave a session at any time before it ends. Select the appropriate option from the File menu.


Host's View




Attendee's View



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