Meeting Center: Polling Tips

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Polls are a valuable Meeting Center tool. They help you to gather information about your attendees before a meeting, check their involvement during a meeting, and provide a way to solicit feedback at the end of a meeting.


You can re‐use polls from meeting to meeting, or you can create new ones. Polls can contain single‐, multiple‐, and short‐answer questions, and the results can be saved for future reference.


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Learn About the Audience

  • Assess your audience’s skill and experience level.
  • Initiate an ice breaker to help attendees feel comfortable.
  • Elicit ideas about what the attendees need to know.


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Interact With Attendees

  • Pose questions about specific content.
  • Check on whether attendees are engaged in the meeting.
  • Share information gathered from polls.


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Ask for Input

  • Conduct satisfaction surveys.
  • Check attendees’ understanding of concepts and ideas.
  • Gather information about ideas and content for future meetings.


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Follow These Tips

  • Create polls before the meeting (remember, you can re‐use polls).
  • Generate and launch polls in a practice meeting to make sure they work.
  • Verbally announce polls, and ask attendees to complete and submit their answers.
  • Save poll results to keep the information accessible.
  • Use short‐answer (open‐ended) questions when you want attendees to expand on an idea or concept.
  • Select the Record individual responses option when you want to know how individual attendees answer questions.


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