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Meeting Center, Training Center and Event Center

The Cisco WebEx Assist Services team is available to provide you with hands-on assistance and production for any WebEx meeting, training session, or event.

  • Meeting Center Assists include 30 minutes of pre-meeting support and live assistance during the meeting.
  • Training Center Assists connect you with certified producers to ensure that you deliver a high-quality online training session using Cisco WebEx Training Center.
  • Event Center Assists provide support during every phase of an event, including pre-event planning, in-event services, and post-event follow-up.


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Before You Order

  • Schedule your meeting, training session, or event—unless you’re ordering an Event Center Premium Assist.
  • Place your order at least 2 weeks before the meeting date.


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Ordering an Assist

To begin the ordering process:

1. Log in to your WebEx site.

2. Locate Support in the left navigation bar.


Note: If the Support link is not available in the left navigation bar, contact your WebEx site administrator.

3. Select My Resources. One of the following pages will open.

    • If the View order / support history page appears, click Go To Assist.


    • If the Invoices page appears, click Assist Services in the left navigation bar.


4. Locate the assistance type you want, then click Order Now. Only your available WebEx services will be listed.


The Availability page appears. You can now enter the details of your order.


Ordering, Step 1: Availability


1. Complete the Customer Information fields, including first and last name, phone number, and email address.

2. Type your company name.

3. Click WebEx Website, then select the WebEx site on which the meeting, training session, or event will be held.

4. Click Package, then select the type of assist you are ordering. See Assist Package Comparison for details about available packages.

5. Provide the start date and time, time zone, and duration.

6. Click Next. The Meeting Lookup page appears.


Ordering, Step 2: Meeting Lookup


1. Unless you are ordering an Event Center Premium assist, you must indicate whether you have scheduled the meeting, training session, or event on your WebEx site. If you have not, you are prompted to do so.

2. If scheduling was completed using your WebEx Host ID and password, select Yes.

3. When prompted, type your Host ID and email address. The system will retrieve the scheduling information from your WebEx site to populate the Event Information page.

If scheduling was not completed using your WebEx Host ID and password (if you are ordering the assist for someone else, for example), select No.

4. Click Next. The Event Information page appears.


Ordering, Step 3: Event Information


1. If the Event Information page is not populated with information about your meeting, training session, or event, enter that information now.

2. Type any additional instructions or information about your order in the Additional Comments field.

If you need assistance in a language other than English, specify the language here. Assist Services will contact you regarding availability.

3. Click Next to submit the order. The Confirmation page appears.

Or, click Cancel Assist to cancel the order.


Ordering, Step 4: Confirmation


Review the details of your assist order. Note the reservation number. You’ll need it to update, cancel, or make inquiries about your order.

Note: Standard charges for the assist you ordered are shown. Actual charges will be at your contracted rate.


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Update or Cancel an Assist

You can update or cancel your assist order at any time.

Before you begin the update or cancellation process, make a note of the request number in your order confirmation email.


Updates are limited to date and time changes.


If you cancel your assist order, cancellation fees may apply. See the conformation email for details.

Other Changes

If you have other changes to your assist order, or need to give additional information to your WebEx scheduling coordinator or producer, contact them directly. You’ll find their contact information in your confirmation email.


To begin the update or cancellation process:

1. Log in to your WebEx site.

2. Locate Support in the left navigation bar.

3. Select My Resources. The My Resources page appears.

4. Under My assists, click Go to assist services.

5. Under Assist Services, click Update/cancel assist. The search prompt appears.


6. Enter the Production Request Number from your confirmation email.

7. Enter the Contact Email Address you used when you ordered the assist.

8. Click Search. The Availability page of the assist order form appears.

From the Availability page, you can update or cancel your assist order.


To update an assist order:


1. At the bottom of the Availability page, click Update Date/Time. The Event Date and Start Time fields are now available for editing.

2. Make your changes to the Event Date and Start Time fields, then click Next. The system checks for available producers.

If no producers are available for the date and time you selected, you will be prompted to select from three alternate dates and times, select another date and time, or cancel the assist.

3. When you’ve changed the date and time, click Next. The Meeting Lookup page appears.


4. Indicate whether you have updated the scheduling information on your WebEx Site.

    • If you have updated scheduling on your WebEx site, select Yes, then click Next. The Confirmation page appears, showing both old and new date and time.
    • If you have not updated scheduling information on your WebEx site, select No. Options for updating the schedule appear.


If you select Yes, depending on your version of WebEx, your WebEx site may open in a new window so you can log in and make the changes, or the changes may be made automatically once they’ve been confirmed by assist services.

If you select No, click Next. The Confirmation page appears, showing the both the old and new date and time.



To cancel an assist order:

1. At the bottom of the Availability page, click Cancel Assist. A confirmation page appears.


2. Click Yes to confirm the cancellation. The Assist Services page appears.

Click No to return to the Availability page.

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Assist Package Comparison

Services provided in available assist packages are listed in the following table.

Event Center Premium Assists provide 6.5 hours of production time for a 1-hour event. This production time cannot be divided or customized over multiple events.

Consultations and dry runs (if ordered) are scheduled according to customer need and assist services availability.

There are additional charges for the following add-on services.

  • Extra hours for events longer than 1 hour.
  • Additional dry runs.
  • Additional editing of event recording.
  • Invitation and enrollment management (except Event Center Premium assist).


Service DescriptionEC PremiumEC StandardTC PremiumMC Premium
Pre-Event Planning Session
15-minute call to discuss producer hosting responsibilities, recording format, event information.
Consultation (up to 1 hour)
Schedule event, provide customer with links for invitations, create landing/enrollment page, and customize approval and reminder messages.
Hourly charge.
1.5 hour minimum.
Hourly charge.
1.5 hour minimum.
Hourly charge.
1.5 hour minimum.
Dry run/rehearsal (up to 1 hour)
Finalize timeline and establish backup plan along with roles and responsibilities for live event.
Hourly charge.
1.5 hour minimum.
Hourly charge.
1.5 hour minimum.
Hourly charge.
1.5 hour minimum.
Live Event (up to 30 minutes pre-conference)
WebEx Producer starts the event 30 minutes prior to start time, ensures Presenters join successfully, verifies roles established during dry run or pre-event planning session, answers last minute questions. Answers technical questions from audience. Acts as back-up if presenter requires assistance.
Hold Music
Producer can provide hold music for audience.
Polling Coordinator
Producer can support and manage in-session polling. (Client is responsible for poll content.)
Producer Hosting
Producer will initiate session, manage participant audio, pass presenter ball, and so on.
Sharing Content
Producer can review and load slides. Requires 24-hour notice for testing.
Prepared Video
Production team can provide video hosting services, and assist with playback of prepared video files.
Post Event
Provide final registration and attendance in post-event report.
Recordings are edited (beginning and end only), then posted to client’s WebEx site. Links are provided for review and playback. Multiple recording formats are available.


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