Support for USB Devices on the Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series

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Support for USB Devices on the Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series

The Cisco IP Phones 8851, 8851NR, 8861, and 8865 have USB ports. The Cisco IP Phones 8851 and 8851NR have a single USB port on the side of the phone. The Cisco IP Phones 8861 and 8865 have a USB port on the side and a USB port on the back of the phone. As well, under the top accessory connector cover on the right side of the phone there is another USB port.


The USB ports must only be used for USB devices. Other objects can damage the phone and void the phone warranty.

Each USB port supports a maximum of five USB devices. Each device connected to the port is included in the maximum device count, including any key expansion modules.

For example, your phone can support five USB devices on the side port and five additional standard USB devices on the back port. Many third-party USB products contain more than one USB device, and thus count as more than one device.   

You can use a USB port to connect:



If you use a USB hub and remove the USB cable from the phone during an active call, your phone might restart.   


Mobile Device Charging

You can use the USB ports on your phone to charge your mobile device if the device has a USB connection. The following ports support USB charging:       

Your phone continues to charge the mobile device while it is in power-saving mode but stops charging in Power Save Plus mode.

When you use your phone to charge your mobile device, the following conditions apply:   


    A short delay may occur before charging begins.    



    In some situations, your device will not display the charging icon. For example, the icon may not display when the device is fully charged.



    When more than one Cisco IP Phone 8800 Key Expansion Module is attached to your phone, the back USB port cannot fast-charge the device.    


If you unplug your tablet and immediately plug in a USB headset to the phone, a 3-second delay occurs before the phone recognizes the USB headset.