Mobility-Impaired Accessibility Features for the Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series

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Your phone comes with standard accessibility features that require little or no setup.

Mobility-Impaired Accessibility Features—Cisco IP Phone 7861 Shown

Mobility-Impaired Accessibility Features


Accessibility Feature



Lighted buttons on the Cisco IP Phone 7821, 7841, and 7861

The Cisco IP Phone 7811 does not have programmable line buttons.

Allow you to access the following features:

  • Phone lines and intercom lines (line buttons)

  • Speed-dial numbers (speed-dial buttons, including the speed-dial line status feature)

  • Web-based services, such as a personal address book

  • Phone features, such as privacy

Indicate your phone's status:

  • Green, steady—Active call or two-way intercom call

  • Green, flashing—Held call

  • Amber, steady—Privacy in use, one-way intercom call, DND active, or signed in to hunt group

  • Amber, flashing—Incoming call or reverting call

  • Red, steady—Remote line in use (shared line or line status)


Large buttons to access Applications, Messages, Contacts, Hold, Transfer, and Conference

Allow you to easily access your phone applications, voice messages, corporate and personal directories, and calling features.


Built-in speakerphone

Indicates whether the speakerphone is on or off. When the speakerphone is on, the button is lit.


Tactile-discernible buttons and functions, including a nib on Key 5

Allow you to easily locate your phone's keys. For example, Key 5 has a nib, which you can use to locate other key positions.